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Your B2B Marketing Target Audience is Not the One You Think

The workplace roles are changing and this is something you should keep in mind as a B2B marketer. Your target audience needs to be considered accordingly in order to ensure success. But what does this look like? In this post, we are going to look at the various ways in which C-suite buyers have changed so that you have a clearer idea of what to consider while understanding your target audience better. 

How C-suite Buyers Have Changed and How You Can Effectively Target Them

To help you target the right audience, it is important for you to understand what the internal dynamics look like. Here are some of the trends we are seeing within B2B organisations that could affect your marketing efforts: 

Key Purchase Decision Makers 

The key purchase decisions are no longer being made by C-suite buyers and decision makers. The team that influences the purchase are the ones actively making these purchase decisions. While the C-suite decision maker does have the power to override the decisions made by the relevant teams, it is not very likely that they would do so. This is because they trust the decision of the team as they are the ones to bring in and execute new ideas. In order to influence B2B decisions, therefore, it is more important to concentrate on the relevant teams than just on the C-suite decision maker. 

Insights and Understanding over Information

On a daily basis, these executives are being bombarded with an overload of information and content. And while remaining updated is important to them, they are looking for insights on how that information affects them, their situation and their role in the industry. So, in order to gauge their interest and keep them engaged, marketing teams need to produce a mix of content that informs as well as gives them helpful insights on their situation. 

Don’t Beat Around the Bush

Audiences do not want to be asked questions anymore. They want you as a marketer to do your research and anticipate their needs and requirements before even coming near them. So before approaching your target audience, make sure you get a clear understanding of their priorities, the major threats to their industry and any other relevant information that affects them. Executive leaders do not want to spend time getting you to understand the basics of their industry. What will make you successful is your knowledge of the industry and your confidence in the product offering. 

The Buyer is the One Responsible for the Process and Pace of the Transaction

While teams may make decisions, the ultimate power over the pace and process of the transaction is with the C-suite leader. These professionals are faced with various issues and they need to prioritise them based on the urgency of each one. This can cause delays to the purchasing process, as priorities are constantly shifting. This needs to be kept in mind while dealing with C-suite leaders. 

Buyers Expect Complete Transparency and Products that are the Perfect Fit for their Situation 

With the internet and the diverse options available in the market today, C-suite executives have been trained to expect nothing less than an offering that is just right for their needs. They expect total transparency and want to know about your relevant experience in their field so that they do not have to waste resources training you. While it is important to maintain a good relationship with them, what works even better is to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise by solving relevant problems in their sector. 

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