Giving back

At Marketing Essentials Lab, we champion a culture of giving back. We understand how important it is to do our part for the community and have supported various causes over the years. Our CEO, Dr Nimrita S Bassi, leads the way forward and ensures that a part of our profit goes towards a good cause. Growing up Sikh, giving back was always a part of her culture, and she continues to do so even today. 

In the last three years, we have ensured that we contribute to causes close to our hearts and help different communities in crisis. Be it the farmer protests in India, the war in Ukraine, the floods in Pakistan, Breast Cancer Research or animal welfare; we have contributed to various causes. Here are just some charities we have supported: 

◆ Izmir Earthquake Relief Fund

◆ The Trussell Trust

◆ MS Society

◆ NHS Charities Together


◆ LOROS Hospice

◆ Feed NHS


◆ Breast Cancer Now

◆ Pakistan Floods Appeal

Even on a personal level, our CEO is involved in doing her part and giving back to local communities. She is a big advocate of education and knows how a good education can help transform lives. If women, minorities and people from low-income families have access to education, it can drive real change. Education is a tool that benefits them in the present and helps set them on the right path for life. It can help them build a better future for themselves and their families, which is why we sponsor the education of 5 girls in India each year. 

Our goal is to double this each year.