Meeting with MEL Team – Dr Nimrita Bassi

Dr Nimrita Bassi is CEO of Marketing Essentials Lab.

How did you get started in your career? What were the first steps you took, and what led you to start Marketing Essentials Lab? 

My first job was at a tech startup in Fashion; a bit further away from the B2B world that I operate in today. I then worked in B2B companies in Steel and other sectors. After I finished my PhD, I wanted to go out on my own; it is very rewarding to nurture something and watch it grow. I setup our website on my couch and landed our first client which was Tata. Now we are a team of ten and growing. 

What’s the strategic process to create content for Marketing Essentials Lab clients?

We treat it much like an editorial process, we are constantly seeking inspiration from current events, industry news and synthesizing it to create unique content that addresses the target audiences’ objectives. It’s crowded out there and content has to be unique to grab attention and engage users. 

What is your favourite aspect of B2B Marketing?

I love the strategic aspect of aligning business objectives and target audiences to execute a meaningful social media strategy. Social media marketing is so much more than a handful of posts: it’s about how you interest your audience through rich, unique content to stop and take a look at what you are saying. 

What are the most compelling marketing trends you’re excited to see grow in 2022?

The pandemic has definitely seen a shift in paid media spend over traditional media. I love paid social, because of the rich data that comes with it to inform business decisions and allows us to adjust our approach.

Any advice for B2B marketing teams?

B2B marketing does not have to be boring; be willing to think outside the box, after all, your target audience is human. 

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