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Project overview

We support Amazon Business on an array of campaigns throughout the year which include campaign promoting their small business impact, ESG efforts, events and much more. One such campaign is The Amazon Business Exchange (ABX) – a free virtual cross-sector conference for procurement, finance and supply chain leaders who want to discover how to innovate quickly and build more efficient processes and organizations. The event gives attendees the chance to network and gain new knowledge from the comfort of their own homes through a series of interactive sessions. ABX covers a series of sessions with inspiring speakers – the ‘ABX Changemakers’ – who are driving transformation in their sectors even as they navigate the complexities caused by supply chain disruptions; leaders who are raising the bar by simplifying the purchasing experience, driving sustainability initiatives or proving the value of procurement for their businesses. 

The Mission

The team at Amazon Business Europe approached us to create content for their social media channels and to help them promote their brand, create a buzz in the industry and increase engagement through various campaigns.

The Outcome

In order to help Amazon Business Europe reach their goals, the team at Marketing Essentials Lab came up with a strategy to create buzz and drive engagement in the weeks leading up to the event and during the event. We also created a post-event plan to get the target audience to sign up and watch the sessions on demand. In order to increase engagement and drive signups for the event, we created a teaser campaign that included a mix of infographics, quotes and videos.

To drive engagement after the event and to encourage the target audience to sign up and watch the sessions on demand, we focused on short video clips from the event along with key takeaways from various sessions. This then followed an ongoing drumbeat of activity which included promoting small businesses, productivity campaign and more 

The Impact

We have been able to increase the engagement for Amazon Business Europe by over 500% year on year since we started working on their social media accounts.


We employed the following services to help achieve their goals in 2021:

B2B Social Media Marketing

B2B Social Media Marketing requires thorough planning, a solid and clear content strategy, creativity and most of all, consistency. We helped Amazon Business Europe plan and create engaging and compelling social media campaigns that helped them connect with their target audience across LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Our Social Media Marketing packages include:


We helped Amazon Business Europe with the planning and executing of the perfect campaign that engaged and helped them connect with their target audience. Our management services included:


Research shows that visual content is more effective than written content. The greater the creativity, the higher the chances of getting engagement and shares on it. We devised stunning creatives to help Amazon Business Europe increase engagement from their target audience. Our creative service included:

B2B Social Media Advertising

Advertising on social media can help your brand reach the right audience and grow brand visibility. We helped Amazon Business Europe create social media ads designed to boost their reach and brand engagement, and increase their return on investment. Our Social Media Advertising services included: