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About Skize

Skize belongs to a group of businesses who started out as a general building company in 1974, before reforming into a specialist balustrading manufacturer in 1992. A family-based business, their company name ‘Sapphire’ was an acronym of the founding partners & spouses’ initials! However, it was also a fitting name for a company that has since built its reputation on quality and innovation. 

The business owners are active members of a Christian community, and care for people has always been a fundamental principle by which they operate. The Group Purpose of ‘Innovation to Prosper the Community’ has been the north star in the many developments the business has taken over the years. 

The most recent chapter of their story began in 2014, when the parent company, now known as Sapphire Balconies, reinvented the way that balconies are made and installed on apartment blocks. Seeing the challenges and complexity posed by the old way of installing balconies, they created the unique, patented Glide-On system, making the working lives of many 100s of contractors safer, simpler and more effective ever since. Once again, people were at the forefront of their innovation. 

Then the disaster of Grenfell Tower drove them to found MyDek, manufacture of non-combustible decking and to spearhead industry awareness relating to fire safety. 

More recently, they turned their attention to the wellbeing of the residents who live in apartments. They became more and more aware, not only of their challenges, but also of the possibility to make a difference in their lives. To do this, they needed a community and this is when Skize was born.

The Mission

Skize wanted to launch their business, build an online community and engage their target audience online. For this they needed to build a complete digital strategy and they came to Marketing Essentials Lab to help create and execute the perfect go-to market strategy. Additionally, they also required regular, ongoing support with content creation, email marketing and launching their e-shop. 

The Outcome

At Marketing Essentials Lab we helped Skize plan their launch strategy, create content for the website and blog and helped them set up and SEO optimise their shop and product pages so that they were set up for success. We also helped them with regular blog content, planned quizzes for increasing engagement and helped them with their complete B2C social media strategy.

Skize also wanted to build their email list and we helped them grow their subscriber list to over 12,000 within the first few months after launch by planning various value-adding lead magnets. We also helped them with their email marketing for the entire duration. 

The Impact

Through our continuous and targeted efforts, Skize was able to establish their digital presence, grow their online readership, launch their shop and grow their subscriber list. 


In order to help Skize with their campaign, we offered a custom package including the following services:

B2C Marketing Strategy

Our B2C social and content strategy helped their brand succeed in engaging their target audience and achieving long-term business objectives. We helped Skize plan creative campaigns that maximise their return on investment. Here’s what we covered:

B2C Social Media and Content Marketing

B2C Social Media Marketing requires thorough planning, a solid and clear content strategy, creativity and most of all, consistency. We helped Skize plan and create engaging and compelling social media campaigns that helped them connect with their target audience across Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Our Social Media Marketing packages included:

B2C Social Media Advertising

Advertising on social media can help your brand reach the right audience and grow brand visibility. We helped Skize create social media ads designed to boost their reach and brand engagement – and increase their return on investment. Our Social Media Advertising services included:


We helped Skize with planning and executing the perfect campaign that engaged and helped them connect with their target audience. Our management services included:


Research shows that visual content is more effective than written content. The greater the creativity, the higher the chances of getting engagement and shares on it. We created stunning creatives to help Skize increase engagement from their target audience. Our creative service included:

Email Marketing

In order to help them engage their community, we also offered Skize a complete email marketing package. This included: