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About Happiful

Happiful Magazine was born from the passion of two sisters, Emma and Aimi. They wanted to help people looking for local support for their mental health and well-being. So in 2005 they founded Counselling Directory, which connects people to a professional therapist in their area.

Since then, they have grown, adding four more wellness directories to their family: life coaching, hypnotherapy, nutrition and complementary therapies. Happiful Magazine was the next step in their mission to share the knowledge they’ve gained, to help and support people and always be found when they’re needed.

Happiful Magazine is dedicated to sharing the stories, experiences and support that’s available for the whole of our society and their values are at the core of everything they write and do. If they’re not passionate about their work, neither will their readers be.

The Mission

At Happiful, they wanted to grow an online community and create content to engage their target audience online. For this, they needed to build a complete digital content strategy and they came to Marketing Essentials Lab for this. We helped them with a complete content audit to understand what worked best for their audience and also created a perfect content strategy for their brand. 

The Outcome

We at Marketing Essentials Lab helped Happiful with a complete content audit. Based on the insights from the audit, we also created a custom content strategy for the website and blog that helped Happiful reach their goals.  

The Impact

Through our targeted and data-based content strategy, Happiful was able to establish their digital presence, grow their online readership and launch their podcast. 


To help Happiful with their campaign, we offered a custom package including the following services:

B2C Marketing Strategy

Our B2C social and content strategy helped their brand succeed in engaging their target audience and achieving long-term business objectives. We helped Happiful plan creative campaigns that maximised their return on investment. Here’s what we covered:

B2C Content Marketing

B2C social media marketing requires thorough planning, a solid and clear content strategy, creativity and, most of all, consistency. We helped Happiful plan and create engaging and compelling content that helped them connect with their target audience across their blog, podcast and other social channels. Our content marketing packages included:


Research shows that visual content is more effective than written content. The greater the creativity, the higher the chances of getting engagement and shares on it. We provided Happiful with the insights needed to increase engagement from their target audience.