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Email List Growth & Effective Content across Social Media, Website and Emails

About MyDek

MyDek is a company that offers a bespoke range of non-combustible decking solutions that are compliant with the latest building safety regulations.

The MyDek® team harnesses a huge range of experience, creativity, passion and drive to make balconies and terraces safe places to be. Drawn from different areas of the construction industry our team brings together extensive knowledge of specification, technical compliance and outstanding innovation to create a non-combustible decking system that delivers on our ethos of Safe. Smart. Sustainable.

The Mission

MyDek is a leader in the decking industry and wanted to create a marketing strategy that reflected the same. The team at MyDek is highly experienced and we used that expertise to create an email series around different industry-related subjects. This helped them showcase their knowledge and educate their target audience of architects and specifiers about the various industry regulations and standards.

The Outcome

In order to help MyDek reach their goals efficiently, we created a three targeted Lunch and Learn email series on trending topics in the industry – BS8579, The Fire Safety Act 2021 and Sustainable Specifications in Residential Construction. We created five to six emails, each explaining a different aspect of the subject and automated the campaign to be sent out on consecutive days to each person who signed up for the series. We also created a campaign across social media with emails to promote the lunch and learn series and increase sign ups. At the end of the series, we also created a quiz to test the knowledge gained by those who had followed the email series and to increase engagement.

The Impact

The lunch and learn email campaigns helped MyDek establish themselves as the leaders in the decking industry. It also helped them grow their email list significantly, increase engagement and grow the return on investment for the campaign.


In order to help MyDek achieve their goals, we provided the following services:

B2B Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the best way to increase engagement and establish any business as the expert in the field. It helps build brand trust and loyalty while educating and entertaining your target audience. Good content is also highly shareable, increasing organic reach and visibility for your brand. Brands that have a strong content marketing strategy can successfully grow their following and grow their business in the long run. To help MyDek create maximum impact with their content, we helped them with:

B2B Social Media Marketing

B2B Social Media Marketing requires thorough planning, a solid and clear content strategy, creativity and most of all, consistency. We helped MyDek plan and create engaging and compelling social media campaigns that helped them connect with their target audience across LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Our Social Media Marketing packages include:


We helped MyDek with planning and executing the perfect campaign that engaged and helped them connect with their target audience. Our management services included:


Research shows that visual content is more effective than written content. The greater the creativity, the higher the chances of getting engagement and shares. We create stunning creatives to help MyDek increase engagement from their target audience. Our creative service included: