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Meeting with MEL Team – Merryl Fernandes

Merryl Fernandes is Content Manager at Marketing Essentials Lab.

How did you get started in your career? What were the first steps you took and what peaked your interest in Marketing Essentials Lab?

I started my career working as a copywriter at an advertising agency. I always loved writing and knew that it was something I wanted to pursue. Throughout my career I have always had a role that required some kind of writing, be it advertising copy or press releases and blog posts. Which is why when the opportunity at Marketing Essentials Lab came my way, I was excited to start and experiment with various content styles. Besides that, my experience with B2B Marketing was limited, so I was excited to learn more about it and add to my portfolio.

How do you plan content at Marketing Essentials Lab?

The content planning process at Marketing Essentials Lab includes a lot of research, studying of data and brainstorming sessions. We like to keep ourselves informed about the various industries our clients operate in so that we can leverage the most significant industry developments and find a place for them in our content strategy. This strategy works well as it helps our clients establish themselves as industry leaders.

What is your favourite aspect of B2B marketing?

My favourite aspect of B2B marketing has to be the process of content creation. I love researching and creating creative content for our clients across various industries and we are lucky to be working with clients who are open to experimenting with various content formats. From quizzes to email series to whitepapers, blog posts and reports, we create content across a variety of creative formats to increase engagement for our B2B clients.

What are the most exciting marketing content trends of 2022?

I think that the biggest and most exciting marketing content trend in 2022 will be to create content that focuses on increasing EAT i.e. Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. B2B brands can do so by creating long-form content, case studies, lunch and learn email series, podcasts and other such forms of content that prove their authority and expertise in the industry.

Any advice for B2B marketing teams?

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different forms of content and see what works best for your company. Humanising your brand and marketing can also help make your brand a lot more relatable to your target audience. 

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