Raise awareness through an anti-piracy ad campaign on social media for a US based audience

About Muso

Muso is a data company that specialises in combating global piracy and unlicensed media consumption. MUSO measures global piracy, monitoring all major forms of piracy activity, including streaming, web downloads, public and private torrents, and stream rippers. MUSO’s data drives content protection, audience measurement and monetisation. While the company is based out of London, they also operate in LA and Eastern Europe.

The Mission

The team at Muso approached us in November 2022 as they wanted to raise awareness through an anti-piracy ad campaign on social media.

The Outcome

In order to help Muso reach its goal, we used LinkedIn Sales Navigator to identify specific company names, job titles, and job functions and create a target audience that aligned with Muso’s ideal audience persona as it had a very niche audience. We then divided the audience into three geographic regions and further refined it based on job titles to ensure precision.

For the Facebook campaign, we opted for a single campaign that would deliver ads globally and target individuals based on interests, employers, and job titles, as it was the most cost-effective option. The mission of the campaign was to drive brand awareness and get users to engage with the content.

The Impact

The campaign turned out to be a success. On LinkedIn, we reached over 300K people with over 500K impressions and over 2000 clicks to the website. Following the success of the initial campaign, we created a retargeting audience in January 2023 for individuals who had previously engaged with the initial ads.


In order to help Muso with their campaign, we offered a custom package including the following services:

B2B Digital Ad Strategy

Our B2B digital ad strategy helps brands succeed in engaging their target audience and achieving long-term business objectives. We helped Muso plan creative campaigns for LinkedIn and Facebook that maximised their return on investment. Here’s what we covered: 


Research shows that visual content is more effective than written content. The greater the creativity, the higher the chances of getting engagement and shares on it. We provided Muso with the insights needed to increase engagement from its target audience.