5.07 million users reached With only 25% of the allocated budget


Resibuild has been created by demand.  It is a brand focused on driving thought leadership in the Residential Construction sector.

Since our initial events in 2018 focused on the balcony industry, these summits have increased to larger industry conferences with a variety of speakers. Yet at heart, each event is focused on bringing together top names with inspiring, up-to-date knowledge.

2020 has seen us extend our clients globally to both New Zealand and Canada.

The Mission

The team at Resibuild approached us to create content for their company blog, to help them promote their ongoing events, drive sign ups and replays after the event. 

The Outcome

In order to help Resibuild reach their goals and promote the different events they host, the team at Marketing Essentials Lab came up with a strategy to create buzz and drive engagement in the week before the event and also during the event. We created a post-event plan to get the target audience to sign up and watch the sessions on demand. 

We help them create blog content that promotes the event and helps them drive the sign ups. We also create a post event blog, based on the panel discussions and that helps them boost the event replays. 

The Impact

We have been able to help Resibuild achieve their goals and reach the right audience for their events through strong content.


We used the following services to help Resibuild achieve their goals:

B2B Social Media and Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the best way to increase engagement and establish your business as the expert in your field. It helps build brand trust and loyalty while educating and entertaining your target audience. Good content is also highly shareable, increasing organic reach and visibility for your brand. Brands that have a strong content marketing strategy can successfully grow their following and grow their business in the long run. 

We work with Resibuild to create quality content that allows them to increase engagement, and to achieve their goals. For this, we provide them with:


Research shows that visual content is more effective than written content. The greater the creativity, the higher the chances of attracting engagement and shares on it. We create stunning creatives to help Resibuild increase engagement from their target audience. Our creative service included: