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Inbound Marketing Strategy Workshop

Creating and executing a marketing strategy that is spread over multiple platforms while displaying brand personality and values is essential for creating brand recognition and increasing awareness. Our team of marketing experts will help you create campaigns that leave a lasting impact on your target audience. We do so after studying insights on what influences your target audience’s behaviour and habits to achieve maximum impact for each campaign. Our team knows how to utilise marketing, social media, digital marketing and public relations to deliver campaigns with maximum impact. Our Marketing Strategy is designed to get your business plan aligned with your marketing activities. We provide a detailed document after the workshop, which includes personas, competitors, unique value propositions, and business objectives, followed by marketing channels to target, along with actionable campaigns that help you growHere is what our process looks like: 


#1 Discovery:

Buyer Personas, Value Matrix, Pain Points Competitive Advantages & Competition

Our team starts by researching the various business problems you would like to solve through your marketing efforts. A deep dive into your target audience and the way they think happens next. Based on all the insights you gathered, our team devises a strategy that will help you solve your business problem and will suggest the best medium to reach your target audience. During the strategy stage, we will also decide on various variables that will help measure the success of the campaign effectively. During our research and strategy phase, our team conducts in-depth audience behavioural studies, brand audits, brand positioning and personality, marketing and branding strategies, trends and insights, competition analysis and market analysis to ensure that the marketing efforts are perfectly strategised for your brand. We define the background for your marketing activities along with your competitive advantages and buyer personas to target and also define direct and indirect competitors. This helps understand the persons to target through marketing efforts and also key messages that should be promoted through marketing activities.  

#2 Marketing Objectives & Mix

The next step in our strategy is to help you define your marketing objectives and the marketing mix you should use to target your customers. We outline the strategic importance of each channel and the buyers who can be targeted, along with the benefits of the channel to your business, including a clear mix of outbound and inbound marketing channels.  

#3 Marketing Campaigns

Finally, we define campaigns to help you with an actionable strategy going forward. The campaigns are specific to your business objectives, and we also provide a summary of how to measure the effectiveness of each campaign.  


Creative & Branding 

After the research and strategy stage, the next thing our team does is translate the brand personality and positioning through various brand assets. Our content copywriters and graphic designers will get into action, creating the right brand assets for your business. Through the right words and creatives, we will help you reach your target audience and inform them about all that your brand offers through powerful content and branding campaigns.    

We offer digital advertising, copywriting, media strategy, SEO optimising, social media management, scriptwriting and content writing services.   

Social & Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has proven to be extremely effective, and we help you find the right influencers in your niche to partner with and promote your brand. We will help you reach out to the influencers and strategise campaigns to maximise the reach and return on investment for your business. This helps you get targeted coverage, drive measurable change and build brand awareness.    

Inbound Digital

Digital is the way forward! And we will help you navigate through the ever-changing digital climate. Our digital team is well-equipped to deal with everything you need to be successful in the world of the Internet. Right from creating your website to helping you choose the right words to maximise impact and pull in the organic traffic on Google to planning and executing small and large advertising campaigns across various platforms digitally, we can help you seamlessly manage it all.    

Email Marketing and Promotions 

The biggest challenge for a brand can be to manage and maintain an email list of all its loyal customers. Sending out emails to them with promotions and various other updates can be a tedious task. Our digital team will help simplify this for you by helping you create fun newsletters, specialised promotions and email campaigns for your loyal customers. This will help the brand stay in your customers’ minds and boost sales in the long run.