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Top Time Management Tips for B2B Managers

Time management is probably the most important skill you need to ensure that you make the most of your hours at work. The idea is to utilise your time right so that your day is as productive as possible and you get to tick off the most critical tasks on your to-do list. Different people use different methods to maximise their time, based on what works best for them. We recommend trying out different things and seeing what methods work best for you.

We interviewed our CEO, content lead and content director to get the best top tips on time management for busy B2B marketing professionals. Hopefully, these will serve as inspiration in your next important project or just in day-to-day life.

Here is what our CEO Nimrita Bassi had to say on time management:

Create a system to manage your team, which isn’t email: Are you using email or slack to manage your team and projects? Ditch email and implement a project management system. At first, the time associated with setting up a project management system may put you off. However, it will save time, in the long run, allowing you to seamlessly manage your team, responsibilities and liaise with internal and external stakeholders – providing exceptional visibility across the group and saving time.

Try 20 min meetings: Avoid meetings without an agenda and have regular meetings in 20 mins. Even better, implement a no meeting day of the week.

Workaround your strengths: Figure out when you are most productive and work around that. For me, it is the morning, so I avoid morning meetings and spend hours learning (I am a lifelong learner) or working on the most critical tasks.

Hire good people and trust them to do their job: Last but not least, hire good people internally and externally with a strong sense of responsibility to free up time and increase productivity.

Our Content Director Merryl Fernandes on the other hand trusts in the 4 D’s of time management:

Do Delay Delege Delete

What does this exactly mean? Taking some time to review your task list and seeing which tasks can be delayed, delegated or deleted before you start actually tackling said tasks. Being mindful and remembering that patience is key are extremely important factors even in the day of a busy marketing professional.

Before you leave here is a tip from our Content Lead, Hazel

Let someone else do the checking for you: If you write a lot of reports for B2B marketing, you’ll have to check them. Make sure they make sense and the spelling and grammar is correct. But don’t do that checking yourself. Get someone else in the agency to do it. Someone who has not written the text or seen it before is far more likely to find errors than you are, because you know what it should say. And while someone else is checking your report you can spend that time on finding more ways to market your B2B business.

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