Three Lessons from KPOP and Kdrama Stars about Community Building on Social Media

K-Pop and Kdramas are on the rise. Whether you are a new Kdramas fan due to Squid Game or a previous aficionado, one thing is clear: Kdrama and KPOP’s popularity is increasing worldwide. One of the reasons for this growing following around the globe is the top-notch community building techniques K-pop stars are using to keep their audience hooked. BTS set a record by drawing 101.1 billion views in 24 hours on a music video(Statista). The popularity of the cultural exports from the South Korean economy has led to a phenomenon called the Korean Wave. So today, let’s take a look at what these brilliant techniques are and how you can effortlessly use them to build and grow your community online:

Get Your Audience Involved in Your Journey

K-pop stars use their social media channels to create engaging contests, polls and to collect feedback from their fans. This helps them prepare a better and more engaging strategy in the future and gives their fans the feeling of being involved with their favourite bands and stars. It makes them feel valued and heard, which in turn increases their loyalty towards the brand. Companies can also use such techniques to understand their followers’ expectations and needs better and use those insights to create better campaigns and products in the future. Another reason for Kdrama popularity is Korean stars often use their social media channels to engage and create a strong community, increasing Kdrama popularity. E.g. Actor Lee Minho(also the 10th most followed person in Korea) asked his community to help choose a logo – this helps build loyalty and makes Kdrama fans feel valued and heard.

Create Teasers and Trailers to Keep Your Audience Hooked

Building curiosity is a great tool for brands to keep the attention of their audience. K-pop stars use trailers and teasers to keep their audience hooked and it really works well in building up momentum before a new release. Brands can use the same technique before a new product launch or a major announcement. Create teaser and trailer videos to get your audience excited about the new announcement. Build up the momentum by strategically dropping hints and then reveal your big news at the right time before the excitement dies down. BTS for example share 36 concept photos of their latest video to keep engagement up.

Create a Micro Social Media Content Strategy

Having a strong micro social media and content marketing strategy is key to growing your community online. K-pop stars use YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to maximise their reach and engage with their community. Being present on social media with a meaningful content strategy to back them is a huge reason for their growth and they see a fast increase of views on their YouTube videos, high engagement on Instagram and Facebook, and trending hashtags on Twitter. Blackpink’s JISOO consistently distills micro content in an authentic manner on Instagram consistently piquing her audience’s interest.

For those looking to build and grow a community online, keep in mind that consistency is key to maximizing your reach. Creating powerful content on a consistent basis helps your account get discovered by people with similar interests. Additionally, make sure to schedule in some time for community building by liking and commenting on posts from other creators in your niche. This is an important aspect for those looking to grow on social media.

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  1. Nanette Bucher
    October 2, 2022 Reply

    Hi! I recently came across this blog post while doing my own research on K-pop and social media. I found this post really insightful and interesting to read, especially as someone who really enjoys learning about how social media has transformed the way society learns and views things presently. Some things I have found about this topic is that many people find K-pop on social media due to trending hashtags on platforms such as Twitter and YouTube which allows for them to become involved in the community.I have also found in my research that many people who enjoy listening to K-pop have stayed not just for the group but also due to the community they have found. I have found it interesting how online communities have become a large phenomenon as people around the world feel heard and appreciated through online communities rather than offline communities, a concept that has only been around for a few years now. It’s amazing how social media has totally transformed the way people interact with other and find not only their own interest through social media but communities of people with similar interests on an online platform.

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