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Why Use Tailwind ? | Pinterest for Brands

Pinterest is one of the most powerful social media platforms out there. Currently, the platform has 335 million active monthly users, making it the third-largest social media network in the US. The platform is popular amongst women, which is noteworthy as they are the ones who influence 70-80% of household spending. Additionally, stats show that high-income users are twice as likely to use Pinterest, with most of the users coming from households that earn more than 75,000 USD a year. According to statistics, 77% of weekly pinners discover a new product or brand on Pinterest, and 98% of users have tried things they found on Pinterest, making it one of the most influential social media platforms for businesses. But what is important to understand is that while Pinterest is a social network, it works more as a search engine with over two billion searches every month. 

With so much potential, brands need to focus on creating the right content for the platform and on using the right tools to ensure success on Pinterest. One such tool that is pivotal for success on Pinterest is Tailwind. Here is why you should use Tailwind for Pinterest.

Tailwind Makes Scheduling Easy

Tailwind is the perfect tool that helps businesses schedule and automate pins for smooth functioning. The platform is extremely user-friendly and lets you share the same pin on multiple boards with the recommended interval between each share. This is something that the Pinterest scheduler doesn’t allow as they only let you schedule the pin to one board at a time. 

Additionally, with the Tailwind Publisher Chrome Extension, you can easily schedule out every image from your website to multiple boards following the Pinterest best practices. Always keep in mind that it is important that you share every image from your website to relevant boards on Pinterest first, as these signals help the platform understand the right keywords for your business.

Those looking to publish pins directly through Pinterest can do so easily from the publisher tab on the Tailwind dashboard. You can find the option to create a new pin in the scheduled tab or head to the drafts section to upload the pins to be scheduled. Once uploaded, you will be asked to add in all the relevant boards for each pin along with a title and description. The platform also recommends the right intervals for each pin and the best time to post on Pinterest based on best practices. 

Using Tailwind, businesses can easily schedule out pins for the whole month at one go, making it less stressful. 

Increased Exposure using Tribes | Pinterest for Brands

One important feature that can benefit small businesses is Tailwind Tribes. Through tribes, you can share your content with other users in your niche and get increased exposure. The participants in these tribes share each other’s content and help increase the organic reach of pins. 

Those new to Tailwind can find the Tailwind Communities section on the main dashboard. Here you can search for various tribes in your niche and join them. Some tribes are closed, and you may have to be approved by the admin, but others are free to join without approvals. Once in, you can start sharing relevant content to the tribes and increase your brand exposure. 

Tailwind helps you Track and Analyse your Best Performing Pins.

The last and most useful feature that helps you save time and employs strategies for your content sharing is the Tailwind analytics section. You can easily check your brand’s progress in the insights section on the dashboard. Here you can see which boards are performing the best and how your pins are working. This can help you choose similar content that is bound to bring you success on Pinterest. 

Further, the platform also tracks and organises your pins based on the number of repins it has on Pinterest. You can find this by clicking on the Publisher tab on the dashboard and then going to the published section. This way, you can track your top performing pins and repin them to maximise their reach.

Now that you know how to use Tailwind for success on Pinterest, go ahead and give it a try. The platform can be used for free with limited functions, or you can opt for the paid monthly version for better results. 

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