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Improving Email Deliverability & Open Rates

Email is a powerful marketing tool. Building your email list is of utmost importance today for brands who want to stay connected with their loyal followers. Keeping in touch with these loyal customers through email has proved to be extremely useful when done right. But, if not done correctly, brands can damage their sending reputation, which would result in users not getting any of the brand emails at all.   

With the pandemic pushing brands to use the email marketing tool even more than before to update their loyal followers about various important updates and safety standards, it is increasingly important to ensure that their email sending reputation remains healthy. Sometimes, when brands email frequently, consumers may also choose to unsubscribe from their newsletter.   

In this post, we are going to talk about how to ensure that the brand’s email sending reputation stays intact and some top tips on improving email deliverability and open rates for email marketing campaigns.  

How to Monitor Your Brand’s Email Sending Reputation  

To begin with, you should know the status on your email deliverability. This will indicate the health of your email campaigns. The best way to check this is by setting up Google’s Postmaster tool. This tool is perfect for monitoring performance of the emails you send out to your mailing list. Postmasters is essential to determine the problem ahead of time so you can fix it before they start ruining your sending reputation. This is one of the most powerful tools to ensure to understand your email campaigns better.   

Another great tool to track signals for your email campaign is 250ok. This tool is full of insights for those who want to gauge what happens once the email is sent. This is an excellent tool to track what the issue is if your campaign is not getting the kind of results you expected.   

3 Tips to Improve Your Email Open Rates  

 Next, you will need to know what your current email opening rate is. A standard industry rate falls anywhere from 20% to 30%. If your rate is lower than this, you definitely need to try and improve it. Sending irrelevant emails or the fact that your email is going straight to spam could be the top two reasons for a low open rate.   

So now that you have analysed your open rate, here are some tips to improve your email open rate:  

1. Use Attractive Headlines  

The headline is your first chance to leave a lasting impression on your email list, so it should be catchy and must create curiosity. The best way to measure the effectiveness of an email headline is by conducting an A/B test. Create two different headlines and send each to a small group of people. Check the open rate with each headline. This will help you judge what kind of headline works better with your audience.   

2. Avoid Emailing Disengaged Users  

One meaningful way to improve the efficiency of your future campaigns is to avoid emailing those disengaged users. Sending your email campaign out to your entire list can damage your sending reputation as your open rate tends to be lower. Analytics show that if the customer has not opened your last ten emails, there is less than 2% chance of them opening the 11th email from you. This drops to 1% after the 14th email.   

3. Create Personal Content  

Sending out emails that are personal and that your customer can relate to on some level is essential. This personal connection is what will make them click and open your email. Having the right content in your email is essential to ensure that people do not feel the need to unsubscribe from your mailing list.