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Targeting Millennials through B2B Content and Social Media

Creating content targeted at millennials is essential for the success of any B2B business in 2021. The main reason being that millennials currently make up the largest generation in the workforce and most of them are also entering their prime spending years. B2B businesses that want to target this generation need to have a strong content strategy aimed at them. While millennials include a wide age range, it might not be possible to market to all of them at the same time: there are certain similarities that can be used to target this demographic. So let’s get into it!

Who Classifies as a Millennial?

Millennials are the generation between Gen X and Gen Z. These people were born between 1981 and 1996 and are currently between the age of 25 and 40. They are currently the largest generation in the workforce in various countries across the globe, giving them a strong purchasing power and a powerful demographic for businesses to target.

How Can B2B Businesses Effectively Target Millennials?

As it is clear that millennials form the largest population demographic in the workforce, B2B businesses need to make sure that their marketing and content strategy is fully aligned to reach this demographic effectively. Here are some tips to ensure that your B2B business is optimised for millennials:

Have a Strong Social Media Presence

In order to reach millennials, you need to ensure that your business is present on the platforms most used by them. According to the Social Bakers social media trends report, Facebook and Instagram are the two social media platforms that are most popular with millennials and Gen Z demographics.

Businesses that want to reach and engage with millennials need to be established on social media platforms with a strong strategy aimed at this target market. Social media platforms have become the go-to platform for queries and millennials prefer this to the traditional customer service platforms like phone calls and emails.

Avoid traditional, Interruptive Advertising

Millennials have largely abandoned traditional television for video streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and Facebook Watch. They prefer to be able to choose the content they watch rather than the content pushed upon them. Hence traditional advertising is not as effective when targeting millennials or even Gen Z.

B2B businesses considering advertising should look at digital advertising platforms like Google, YouTube and Social Media channels as that is where millennials spend most of their time. Influencer marketing is also highly effective with millennials and can be used effectively to reach them.

Create a Great Content Strategy

Great content is essential for brands who want to keep the attention of millennials online. They relate best when content marketing is authentic and genuine as opposed to when it is calculated and salesy in nature.

A content strategy that adds value, is educational and entertaining is highly important for B2B brands that want to target millennials effectively. Additionally, certain causes like sustainability, animal rights, feminism, anti-racism, environmental protection and LGBT rights are close to this generation. Brands that support these causes genuinely are also more likely to be successful with millennials as studies show that almost 50% millennials are more likely to purchase from brands that support a cause.

Make your Content Interactive

Interactive content like polls, quizzes, sliders, moving infographics and outcome stories are extremely popular with millennials and help keep them engaged. Interactive content demands attention and active engagement which in turn increases repeat visits and message retention. It also creates personalised content that is a huge hit with this generation. Such cool interactive and personalised content is also highly shareable which is great for organic campaign reach.

Simplify your message

While targeting millennials, it is important for B2B businesses to simplify and shorten their text. Millennials prefer reading to watching, but want content that is straight to the point and direct. So, make sure you use bullet points, keep it concise with easy-to-understand language and provide links wherever required.

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