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Meeting with MEL Team – Sonu Karan

Sonu Karan is a Graphic Designer at Marketing Essentials Lab.

How did you get started in your career? What were the first steps you took, and what peaked your interest in Marketing Essentials Lab?

From childhood I have been interested in drawing pictures and colouring them, and also in many other creative fields like Creating Crafts from paper. I often used to take part in Creative Contests and nearly, at one point, won a 1st prize. When I was older, I became interested in computers and Graduated in Information and Technology. I thought about becoming a software Engineer but while learning about it, I realised that something was missing from my life and I couldn’t work my whole life as an Engineer. I did a lot of research and found that there was a career called Graphic Design, and I decided that that was for me because of my childhood creativity and my computer knowledge. So, I became a Graphic designer and got a place in college for a master’s degree in Design. And this is what I love doing and can do for 24 hours without getting tired.

While completing my Graphics Design Course I decided to do an internship. I did a lot of hard work during those days! During the day I went to my classes and the office and at night I practised my work.

With the Pandemic my Office had to close and I looked for a job in a Marketing Agency because in an agency there are a lot of different types of work. I found a vacancy for a Designer in Marketing Essentials Lab on LinkedIn and I took to Nimrita right away and how politely she talked to me. I was impressed and thought there is a lot that I can do here and so I joined Marketing Essentials Lab. I like the way people work here.

How do you plan and create graphic content at Marketing Essentials Lab?

I tend to plan content for Marketing Essentials Lab with a solution-oriented mindset, and how a design could solve our Client’s problem. How could we do that by creating these graphics?

How is working with B2B Marketing different for you as a designer? What is your favourite aspect of it?

Yes, there’s a big difference here compared to other companies. The humanity and behaviour of people here is amazing and again Nimrita is amazing. I like the way she can solve any problem.

What are the most exciting marketing design trends you want to see grow in 2022?

I think some design elements like Experimental Typography, Flat & minimal, Geometric Shapes and Lines, and minimal flat tone colours are the designs I am excited to see grow in 2022.

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