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Humanisation & Thought Leadership – A Winning Balance


In 2022, digital presence is not optional anymore. The move from traditional to online has further accelerated due to the pandemic. Platforms like LinkedIn, Clubhouse and Twitter provide a platform for you as a C-Suite leader to showcase your personality and expertise in the field. These platforms also allow you to network with other leaders in your industry and build your reputation in a digital world. It also gives you the opportunity to connect with other professionals and change the stereotype that C-Suite level executives are elitists and inaccessible, using humanisation to create authentic and relatable content.

But as a leader, how you show up online is crucial. There needs to be a balance between your thought leadership content and your humanisation content. One will help you showcase your expertise, while the other will help you connect and make you more relatable with your target audience. Let’s understand how you as a leader can balance out the two to be successful in the digital world.

What is Humanisation? Why is it Important?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, humanisation is the process of making something that is not human seem like a person, or treating something that is not human as if it is a person. While humanisation is a term popularly used for marketing brands or companies, this strategy can also be applied to the digital strategy of individual leaders.

In this case, a humanised strategy would entail the leader leveraging personal thoughts, beliefs and stories authentically in their digital content strategy. Why is this important? By humanising your marketing strategy, you become more relatable to your target audience and customers, who are humans after all. This will also help you inspire them and show them a more vulnerable side of you and give them a glimpse of your personality.

Tips to Humanise your Content Strategy

Now, if you’re wondering how you can authentically showcase your thoughts, values and stories on social media, here are some tips to help you move in the right direction:

Look at What Other Leaders are Doing

The best way to get comfortable with humanising your content strategy is by looking at what other leaders are doing. This will inspire you to get personal and share content that authentically showcases your values to your audience. Seeing the kind of content other leaders are creating will help you think in the right direction.

Employ Authentic Storytelling

Everyone loves stories. Stories help you connect with your audience and make you more relatable to them. We recommend thinking of some key stories from your life that have helped shape you into the person you are today and using them in relation to different industry related topics.

A good example of using storytelling to connect with the audience is the ‘This Girl is Me’ campaign started by Miriam Gonzalez Durantez and Inspiring Girl International. This campaign got women leaders to share their journey in authentic ways on social media to inspire the next generation of young leaders.

Share Your Views on Industry Relevant Topics

Another way to humanise your content and show up authentically as a thought leader in the industry is by sharing your views on relevant industry topics. For example, if you are a C-Suite leader from the construction industry, you could talk about the changing regulations and give your views on how this stands to affect the industry at large.

Talk About Your Journey

Leverage your individual journey to create authentic and relevant content. Talk about the challenges you faced and how you overcame them as this will not only inspire your audience, but will also show them that you too had to work hard to succeed in life.

Get Help from Experts

The best way to help you create the right content strategy is to work with an agency or with your in-house marketing teams. They will be able to help you with research, content creation and being consistent with your online presence.

Get in touch with our team at Marketing Essentials Lab to learn more about how you can leverage humanisation in your content strategy as an industry leader.

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