Brand Archetype

Different B2B brands have different archetypes. These are based on the size of their business, the number of years they have been around and their progress over the years. Based on the brand archetype, there are various marketing strategies that can prove extremely effective. In this blog post, we are going to break down each archetype and the marketing strategy that they should experiment with to get the best results. If you’re unclear about your brand archetype, you can also take our quiz and find out which one fits you best.

The Expert 

This archetype is the business which has been around for a significant amount of time and is well established. Their brand name is growing and they are known as experts in the field. They are innovative and on top of their game. They are the ones whose opinion matters to the industry. Their opinion is respected and others in the industry look towards them for guidance.

For this archetype, the best marketing strategy is to leverage their expertise to get various quality press features. It is also a great idea to host/organise relevant industry events and even start a company blog and podcast to further reach and showcase expertise. Such efforts will help ensure that they maintain their position as an industry leader, while adding value to their target audience through insightful free content.

The Family Business 

The name of this archetype says it all. These are businesses that are family-run and have been around for a few generations. These businesses are well-known in the industry and are trusted. They are the ones who set the standards in the industry due to their vast knowledge and rich history.

For the Family Business archetype, it is recommended to use a marketing strategy that showcases their rich history and humanises the brand. By telling the target audience about the story behind the business, the products offered and the ups and downs along the journey, this brand archetype can successfully humanise their brand, engage their audience and become irreplaceable in the industry.

The Evangelist 

The Evangelist brand archetype is for those businesses that are well-established, but still growing and building a brand name for themselves. They have been around for a few years and are absolutely passionate about what they do. They are looking to show their target audience how passionate they are and are sure that they will attract others who share their passion.

For the evangelist brand archetype, the best marketing strategy is to custom create a growth marketing funnel to grow quickly and efficiently. Growth marketing is also perfect for maximising budgets and getting the best return on investment. This may require a dedicated team of growth marketing experts, but this strategy will surely help you reach your goals effectively.

The Visionary 

This archetype is the fourth and last B2B brand archetype. It is for those companies that are newly established and have unique product offerings. These companies and their offerings have little to no direct competition. And while this is a great advantage, it is also a challenge, since these companies need to inform, educate and create demand from their target audience.

For such visionary brands and product offerings, the most effective marketing strategy is to leverage the power of content marketing. Content marketing can help educate and inform the industry, which will lead to demand creation. Such tactics can also be used to create guides explaining the product offering, its uses, benefits and a lot more. The same content can then be repurposed for different platforms, from blogs to podcasts and social media channels.

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