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Instagram Trends Over Time: Lessons from a Travel Blogger/Influencer for your B2B brand with Merryl

Instagram has been around for 10 years now and it is definitely not going anywhere. Over 1 billion people use Instagram, spending an average time of 30 minutes on the app daily. Of the people who use the platform, 81% search for new products and services and 130 million users tap on shopping posts every month. But the platform is ever evolving and new features are being added to the app to make it more user friendly. In the past year, features like Instagram Shopping, Reels, IGTV and Guides have been added to make room for different kinds of content on the platform. Here is how B2B brands can use these features to create content that engages, entertains and educates their audience on Instagram:

Use the New Features 

Whenever Instagram launches new features, it rewards accounts that makes use of them with extra views and gives their account reach a boost. So, for those looking to grow their following on Instagram, using different features like stories, reels and IGTV to create trending content is important in addition to making regular posts on your Instagram feed. Here are some tips to maximise your content on reels, IGTV and stories:

Reels: These are short format videos up to 60 seconds long that use trending music and can be used to create challenges in the industry. Since this feature has been launched, the reach on regular posts and stories has seen a major drop while accounts that are making use of the reels feature to create quality content has seen organic growth. 

IGTV is Instagram’s attempt at allowing creators to create long format videos to educate and inform their audience. This feature can be used by B2B brands to hold discussions on various topics relevant to their niche that keep their followers updated with the latest happenings in the industry. Such content helps the brand establish itself as an industry leader.

Stories: Another feature to help keep in touch with your audience daily is the story feature. Brands can use this to hold discussions, create polls and start conversations with their audience. It can be used to ask your audience what kind of content they would like to see from you in the future. You can also use the live feature to interact with your audience and hold discussions in real time. 

Be Consistent with Posting

When it comes to Instagram, consistency is key. Whether you decide to post daily, five days a week or once a week, what works best is to create a regular stream of content so that your content is constantly being viewed by your followers. I recommend creating a bulk of content for the month so that you can be regular with your posting.

Create Content that Educates, Engages and Entertains

While it is important to create content all the time, it is also essential to create the right kind of content for your audience. The best kind of content is the kind that educates, engages and entertains. Creating high quality content is key for growing your account on Instagram as the more shareable your content is, the more you can grow organically. 

Add a Call to Action on Your Bio

For those wanting to increase their sales or get new leads through Instagram, it is essential to have all the Call to Actions in place. You can use your bio to let your audience know that they can get in touch with you through the link provided below or through email or phone. Buttons for email and calling can be added to your business profile and it is extremely important to keep them updated.