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How to grow your B2B Database effectively with creative content

Growing and maintaining a database for your B2B business is extremely important. Gathering essential information from your target audience and maintaining it over time can give you valuable insights into their buying behaviour, preferences and dislikes. You can leverage the contacts in your B2B database to ask them their thoughts on your offerings and use their feedback to tailor your offerings to suit their needs better. But for that, it is essential to build and continuously grow your B2B database with the right audience. There are various creative ways your business can do so, while adding value to your customers and giving them a reason to give you access to their details. Here are two innovative ways you can get your audience to sign up to your B2B database:

Interactive Content

Creating interactive content like classification quizzes, or providing value to your customers through the latest industry updates, is a sure way of getting them to sign up to your database. For example, Kloeckner Metals UK created a fun and interactive quiz ‘What type of Buyer are you?’ with three outcomes classifying participants as Tech Savvy, Traditional or Automation Savvy procurement managers. This quiz was taken by multiple procurement managers as they were curious to know what category of buyers they fell under. All their responses were collected by Kloeckner Metals UK and the responses gave them valuable insights, helping them to draw conclusions based on the data available. Such quizzes can also be a fun way to get your target audience to subscribe to your mailing list.

MyDek, on the other hand, uses the insights section on their website to produce quality content on all industry updates. From opinion pieces, to short news updates on the latest industry developments, their insights section adds value to their target audience. Customers who know about the insights section automatically opt in for updates and choose to be a part of the database in order not to miss important updates from the industry.

Another great example of interactive content is by Resibuild, a platform that drives thought leadership in the Residential Construction sector through a series of virtual events, discussions with industry leaders and informative blog posts. This has helped the company build a loyal community of targeted followers from the industry who look forward to these events and updates from Resibuild.

Lunch & Learn Email Series

Another engaging and innovative way to grow your database is by creating a value-adding Lunch & Learn email series for your field of expertise. This needs to be on a topic that you are an expert in, that you think would be of interest to your ideal target audience. You will then need to create five to six short emails educating your audience on the topic. Make sure they are entertaining, to the point and value-adding as this will help to keep the interest of your audience. Offer this as a free training to get your target audience to sign up for your mailing list.

Lunch & Learn email series have proved to be really effective for growing an email list with a targeted and engaged audience. Book a call with us to help you brainstorm, plan and execute such an effective Lunch & Learn email series for your B2B brand.