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Clubhouse Explained and how to use it for your brand

Everyone is talking about the new social media app Clubhouse, and brands and marketers all over the world are leveraging the power of this new platform for their business. For those wanting to know more about the platform and how they can use it for their business, here is all you need to know…

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a newly launched, live voice interaction, social media platform. It is audio only, there is no video and at the moment it is only accessible to iPhone or IOS users. It will eventually be available to Android users as well.  It can connect you with some of the world’s most prominent business and industry leaders. Through the app, you can connect with like-minded individuals in your niche and join discussions in various ‘rooms’ on the different  aspects of your expertise. You can also set up and host your own discussion. The app gives you access to the right kind of audience, which may lead to sales and more followers across various other social media channels.

Why should you use Clubhouse for your business?

There are various ways Clubhouse can be beneficial for your business. The most prominent reason, though, is the fact that it could get you directly in touch with the leaders of relevant industries and have a live interaction with them. The platform works a bit like a podcast, but the conversations happen live and cannot be replayed on demand, creating a fear of missing out. This ensures that people spend a longer time on the app so that they don’t miss out on opportunities and conversations taking place in various rooms in their niche. Currently, there are approximately 1 million users on Clubhouse and businesses that harness the power of this platform in the right way can get access to their target audiences on the platform.

By hosting and participating in various niche rooms on Clubhouse, you can establish yourself as a leader in your niche, share your brand story and connect with potential customers – especially useful for service-focused businesses. Product-focused businesses can use the app to gain valuable insights from their target market so that they can design their offerings accordingly.

Just by participating and showing up in relevant groups and rooms, Clubhouse users have already managed to gain a great following, an increase in leads and sales and ‘visibility’ with a highly engaged and relevant audience. By joining the platform at an early stage, your business can benefit from increased exposure and new connections in your field.

Quick Tips for using Clubhouse for your business 

  • Use your bio space wisely as that is what ensures that you will be found by the right audience. Research various other people in your niche and see the top bios that show up, for inspiration before writing your own bio.

  • Interact and network with others in your niche to co-host groups. This will help establish you as a leader in your industry.

  • Round table discussions, where people can join in at any point, work best. This ensures that they stick around and can express their opinion when they have something valuable to add to the ongoing discussion.

  • The rooms are run by moderators; if you get to know some of them you can create and host a larger room with their help and attract as many people as possible.

  • An ideal length for a group programme ranges between 60 to 90 mins, so make sure you have enough content to last the duration.

  • Talk about your business in the rooms you visit and give examples of your successful campaigns so that people know where your expertise lies.

  • Offer value-adding suggestions and plug your own freebies during the conversation. Ask people to DM you for the freebie so that you can send it to them and grow your email list.

  • If you’re participating in a room, you can raise your hand to ask the moderator to let you join in the ongoing discussion, or you can exit the room at any given point by pressing the ‘leave quietly’ button.

  • Participate in as many conversations as possible, as this helps gain visibility. Asking a question during an ongoing discussion can gain you between five to ten followers.