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Quick Take: Understanding the Built Environment Buyer Personas (Part One)

Marketing within the built environment needs to be focused on the various buyer personas in the industry. A marketing strategy that considers the various needs of these individual buyer personas and personalises those needs to help them reach their goals is essential for maximising the return on investment. So, let’s look into how these various buyer personas in the built environment can be targeted effectively…

How to Target Architects

Companies who want to target architects need to understand their buyer personas to target them successfully. There are several factors that should be considered while crafting the communication for this particular built environment buyer persona. The internal politics, job-site hierarchy and various external pressures play a major role in when and how they decide to specify products.

Before you start creating your marketing and communication plan, it is best to sketch out your ideal architect buyer persona. Here you need to take into consideration who your target is: where do they work, what is their role in the organisation, how do they consume information, what do they look for when they buy a product, which medium do they turn to for information on different products and various other factors you can think of? The more detailed your ideal architect persona is, the easier it will be for you to reach them and understand them.

How to Target Quantity Surveyors

Quantity surveyors (QS) are some of the most important influencers in the built environment and are often overlooked by manufacturers. They are members of the decision-making unit and building a relationship with them can give your brand a competitive advantage. Those looking to target quantity surveyors need to understand what  the most important factors for a QS persona are.

The role of the QS is to ensure a cost-effective solution for the project and to help reduce costs. This needs to be considered while creating a communication strategy targeted towards QS. Those looking to sell to QS need to highlight the necessary costs involved for your products, including the installation costs and other lifetime costs. Highlighting how the product maximises the value for money can also be a big factor that can convince QS effectively.

How to Target a Built Environment Procurement Manager

Procurement managers are the ones responsible for ensuring that their team has whatever they need to keep things running smoothly. They are the ones who actually make the purchases on behalf of the organisation. They are the ones responsible for identifying, researching and selecting the right partners for various projects and internal functions of the business.

The procurement manager for the built environment is focused on various aspects of the buying process. Right from the quality and cost per piece, to the delivery time and shipping options available, the procurement manager needs to know all the details before they consider adding you to their internal approved vendor list. The procurement managers are the final decision makers; consequently it is essential that your communication strategy is built around their needs and requirements.

In order to target a built environment procurement manager effectively, make sure your communication includes as much information as possible about your products and services. Including details on certifications, quality standards and procedures followed, supply chain capabilities, industries served and existing clients are details a procurement manager would like to have before adding you to the approved vendor list.

Another thing that it is essential to demonstrate to convince procurement managers is the ability to step right into existing supply chains. This makes it an easy transition and makes it more likely for them to short list your company.