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Is Facebook the Channel to Grow your B2C Email Marketing List?

Email marketing lists can be hard to grow, and buying lists is often discouraged. So how can marketers grow their email subscription lists quickly and efficiently?

Facebook is one way to do just that. Based on the type of product or service you offer, you can create a downloadable product or course that will attract your target audience. B2B marketing is often synonymous with the use of such lead magnets, but as a B2C brand, these can work wonders for growing your email marketing list too.

Here are some examples of the types of downloadable content you could create depending on your industry:

·   Food manufacturers: a brunch cookbook, digital meal planner or meatless Monday recipe book

·   Fashion brands: ‘How to Create a Capsule WFH Wardrobe’

·   Home & garden brand: ‘Mini Interior Styling Course’

You don’t have to limit yourself to downloadables; you could also create an email series to engage your audience over a longer term, for example, ‘5 Days of Lunchtime Well-Being’ or ‘5 Yoga Asanas for Beginners’. With a second lockdown looming, many marketers have an opportunity to engage their target audience in a meaningful way.

Once you have your content ready, create a targeted ad campaign with the objective of lead generation. Be sure to target the ad to your audience persona.

What’s more, Facebook pre-populates user info with the same email address as the user uses for their Facebook account, ensuring that the user’s email address is active.

Top tip: Use a tool such as Zapier to link email data to your email marketing software.