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Reimagine Your Marketing with Co-Creation

If anything, in the last few months, we all would have thought about the power of connection and togetherness. So why is it that when it comes to so many brands, there is a tremendous barrier(not the perspex one found in stores, but rather a virtual one) between the customer and the brand. The time is now to eradicate this virtual barrier and form better connections with your customers. From clothing to lifestyle brands, its time to involve your customers. Not only will it help humanise and build better relationships with your target audience. The ability to leverage network effects is significant. Social Media Usage has soared in the last three months, and brands need to seize the opportunity. It makes sense both operationally and from an engagement perspective. Here is how to get started on re-imagining your marketing through co-creation with your customers


A typical customer, for example, has 300 friends on Instagram. Each time you feature one customer, for example, you also gain access to their network. Increasingly customers too want to see everyday people (not influencers or celebrities) using their brand. Peer to peer influence also comes into play here. People like to buy from people. If your friend trusts the brand, often so do you.


Product purchasing is not merely a transaction, but there are customer emotions involved, emotions surrounding how the brand makes them feel. Your customers too want to feel special, and one way to make them feel special is by engaging your customers. Encourage customers to share with you on social media and feature customers that share on social media, to engage your customers better. Influencers are all well and good, but it’s your core target audience that matters the most. This too impacts loyalty


Any social media content that is created collaboratively with customers, stakeholders, suppliers etc. can be classed as co-created content. Encourage customers to share! If you ship physical products, include reminders on the packaging to share the products with @yourbrand on SocialMedia. 

If you are not sure how to get started, here are some ideas to kick-start your creative process and engage your audience: 

Clothing Retailer: Encourage Customers to share their first night out photos, zoom outfit, last holiday outfit

Food Manufacturer:  Encourage customers to share mealtimes/recipes featuring your product 

Home Products: Share your Garden Shed photos

Lifestyle – SelfCare Saturday

B2B – Share your Sheflie


In light of the pandemic, photoshoots and original visual content might be harder to source. So why not engage your customers to get high-quality visual photos of your products. With most consumers now having access to high-quality cameras, co-creation has never been easier.