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Your Complete Guide to Understanding the Architect Persona

If your target audience is the architect persona, it is absolutely vital for you to understand this persona better so your marketing efforts can be better targeted at them. This will definitely help you increase the effectiveness of your campaigns and result in a higher return on investment. So, if you’re looking to understand the architect buyer persona better, read on to get a clearer idea of their professional role, internal politics, external pressures and job-site hierarchy that can impact your marketing efforts. 

The Architect’s Buyer Persona

When targeting the architect buyer persona, it is important, first of all, to understand that junior architects are the ones in charge of all the research. They will be the ones who will read all your marketing collateral and spend the most amount of time on your website. So, for your efforts to be effective, you need, ideally, to understand this persona and what a usual day at work looks like for them. 

For the sake of understanding better, we will create a junior architect buyer persona and take a closer look at his day-to-day routine at work. 

Meet Brandon, the Junior Architect:

Brandon started his career as a Junior Architect at a well-known firm in the industry about a year ago. While he felt lost for the first few months, he now has a better understanding of how things work around the office. He has made some good calls on products and that has resulted in him trusting his instincts. This has also led to some recognition in the work place and that is what is motivating him to do better. 

Brandon is a millennial and is completely tech savvy. He wants to learn more about the industry, the new products and innovations available and the trends in the market. His main sources of information tend to be digital and he has signed up for some news websites and some trade publications. He is also looking for brands who understand his need for on-going education and is looking for reputable sources to keep him updated with the latest industry trends. 

When it comes to discovering new products, he wants to find those with information that is easy to access. When searching for products, he also wants to learn more about the category and how the product fits in with the overall project. He does some of his research on the go, during his commute. So, he is looking for products whose information is readily accessible from a mobile device. 

When selecting a product, Brandon wants to be able to look at testimonials, case studies and reviews. He wants the information to be readily available, so that he can avoid calling sales teams or filling out a contact form to get answers to simple questions. Only once he is 95% sure of his decision does he want to speak to a sales person to answer his final questions and determine whether the product is a good fit for his upcoming project. If your marketing gets him there, you are more likely to get his business. 

At the end of the day, Brandon’s goal is to impress his seniors at work with his knowledge and his ability to balance tried-and-true products with a new and innovative product. Brands that help him increase his knowledge and understanding, while introducing him to innovations and trends to help him reach his goals, will be the ones he is loyal to. 

Once Brandon is convinced, his next step is to convince the other people involved in the project. To do this he needs to understand his relationships at work. 

Understanding the Architect’s Relationships

If your product is new to them, the junior architect will have to convince his seniors, the contractors and the clients. He will have to show them that your product is the right fit for the project, that it will be easy to install and that it will give the look and quality needed without the need for increasing the budget. 

While creating content for your product offering, you will need to keep these aspects in mind and provide information to empower the junior architect so that he can explain and convince the other stakeholders involved. In order to do so, make sure you create a consolidated asset that addresses all these concerns and answers all possible questions. You could also create video content to show how your product is easy to install. All this will go a long way towards achieving wide adoption of your product in the market.

Need help targeting the architect persona? Get in touch with our team at Marketing Essentials Lab to help you create the right marketing assets for your product. 

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