{Case Studies} Creative Ways to Crush Your Social Media Goals in 2022

Social Media Marketing is essential for B2B businesses in 2022. With more and more millennials in the decision-making positions in the workforce, the way B2B decisions are made has changed completely. According to data released by Hootsuite, 22.7% of internet users turn to social media for work-related networking and research. In comparison, some 89% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for social media B2B lead generation. It is also estimated that by 2025, 80% of all B2B sales interactions will happen through digital channels. Hence having a robust B2B content strategy across all digital platforms is the need of the hour for B2B businesses that want to thrive in this changing digital environment.

We at Marketing Essentials Lab continue working with our clients to bring them creative solutions to adapt to this changing environment. Here are five campaigns we handled for our B2B clients in 2021 that helped them not only achieve their targets but also made them stand out from their competitors in the previous year:

Teaser Campaign for Amazon Business Exchange 2021 (ABX2021)

#ABX2021, the flagship, free, online conference organised by Amazon Business, was a huge success. The campaign’s goal was to drive awareness and engagement around the event. We built a strategy for our client that included a series of trailers and teasers from various speaker sessions from the event to attract our target audience. We helped them execute the strategy by creating high-quality teasers that were engaging and curiosity building. These teasers helped catch the interest of their target audience and helped boost sign-ups. We also designed and executed targeted LinkedIn and Facebook ads to help us increase our reach extensively. Our strategic efforts were successful in achieving all the KPIs for the campaign.

Brand Building for MyDek

Our client MyDek is the leading name in non-combustible decking, offering fully compliant, certified products in the UK. In 2021, their goal was to establish themselves as leaders in the industry. We created a strategy that included a Lunch & Learn email series to educate their target audience on various vital issues in the industry. We helped them make all the assets required to run the campaigns. One of the Lunch & Learn series we created for them was the newly passed Fire Safety Act 2021. We created a series of five emails that educated the target audience on the new regulations and ended the series with a quiz to test their knowledge. With this strategic move, our client achieved their goals and grew their email list in the past year.

Increasing Engagement for Kloeckner Metals UK

Additionally, we have helped Kloeckner Metals UK engage their target audience in a specific sector with thought leadership content relevant to the industry. One example is the Energy campaign where we executed a paid program that included a blog, video and podcast explaining the diversification and changes in the energy sector.

Kloeckner Metals UK is one of the UK’s largest mill-independent multi-metal stockholders & distributors. They provide metal solutions for various industries, including the demanding Nuclear and Energy sectors. In 2021, they wanted to highlight the different factors that make their supply chain unique, increase leads from the Energy sector, and show them how Kloeckner Metals UK can add value. To help them achieve this goal and attract more leads from the Nuclear and Energy sector, we strategised and executed the creation of a video highlighting the value-added services offered by Kloeckner to these high demanding sectors. The campaign was successful in achieving the goals of the clients.

Helping Resibuild Drive Thought Leadership

Resibuild is a brand focused on driving thought leadership in the Residential Construction sector. Their goal for 2021 was to continue educating the industry on the latest developments and show the way forward. With sustainability being the main focus in the industry, Resibuild wanted to educate its target audience about achieving sustainability through design. The goal was to lead the industry towards sustainable design practices while growing its email list. To help them achieve their goals, we created a strategy that included creating a ‘Lunch & Learn’ email series to educate their audience on the subject. We helped them develop the email series and social media assets to promote the series to drive up the sign-ups and grow their email list. This helped our client reach their goals effectively.

Driving Brand Warmth for Kloeckner Metal UK

Our client Kloeckner Metals UK partnered with Blue Ribbon Foundation to help raise awareness about men’s health in November. It is an issue that often gets overlooked, and our client wanted to get people talking about the cause to raise awareness about men’s issues like mental health and prostate cancer. We supported their strategy to help them maximise their reach that included drawing moustaches on their trucks to increase visibility for the cause, creating a quiz to highlight the need for education on the issue and getting their team members to draw a moustache to support the cause. We at Marketing Essential Labs created all the necessary assets, including the quiz and social media posts, to help our clients raise awareness and reach their goals effectively.

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