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Can AI Replace Your B2B Agency?

We are proud to launch our latest masterpiece – an ad film that highlights the importance of human connections in B2B marketing. Through this short 1-minute video, we highlight the different departments that work on a campaign and the number of stakeholders who liaise with the agency before any campaigns go live – all tasks that AI is unable to perform.

This new ad film showcases Marketing Essentials Lab’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity and storytelling. With a team of visionary in-house strategists, video partners, designers and marketers at the helm, our goal was to create a cinematic masterpiece that transcends traditional advertising norms.


“We firmly believe that creativity has the power to inspire, engage and transform in the realm of B2B marketing. With our latest project, created in the unique style of Wes Anderson, we want to highlight the importance of humans and humanisation in B2B marketing. After all, a brand’s target audience is human too. The launch of ChatGPT and other AI writing platforms has caused many to worry that their jobs will be replaced by AI. But concerns around AI content quality, plagiarism and not being able to verify sources – coupled with the fact that AI can’t comprehend nuances of communication, colloquialisms or brand guidelines – mean that we still very much need humans to lead our creative endeavours,” says Dr Nimrita S Bassi, founder and CEO of Marketing Essentials Lab.

Marketing Essentials Lab is a trailblazer in the marketing industry, consistently delivering innovative campaigns that leave a lasting impact. Our client portfolio boasts diverse industries including Amazon Business, Amazon Fashion and Kloeckner Metals.

The ad film, released on 10 October 2023, is available for viewing on various digital platforms, including the agency’s website and LinkedIn page. The launch is accompanied by a comprehensive LinkedIn ad campaign aimed at showcasing the importance of human connections in B2B.




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