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Build a Data-Driven B2B Marketing Team

Data is extremely valuable and more companies are realising the benefits of collecting and analysing data to predict customer behaviour, make business decisions and tailor their offerings. The benefits of using data to back your marketing decisions includes enhanced efficiency, productivity, transparency and consistency. Studying data can help reduce the risks behind campaigns and also lets you make changes to the campaign along the way based on the insights from the data gathered. If you want to build a data-driven B2B marketing team, here are five ways to do so:

Explain the Relationship between Data and Marketing to your team

In order to build a data-driven B2B marketing team, you need to take some time out of your schedule to explain to your teammates the importance of data in marketing. Talk to them about the different kinds of data that are collected and also explain to them the different tools for data collection so that they can gather additional data from target audiences in the future. Give them practical examples of how you have used data in previous campaigns to increase the return on investment and encourage them to give examples on how they can do the same on the campaigns they are working on.

Change the Misperception that Data is just for Techies

A lot of people believe that data is just for technical usage and are often scared to study it. If you want to build a data-driven marketing team, such beliefs should be changed. It might be a good idea to speak to your teammates and ask them what their views on data are before you introduce the idea of data-driven marketing. Once you have an idea on what their beliefs around data are, you will be able to come up with innovative ways to change these mindsets and encourage them to study data more effectively.

Show Them How Data Can Help to Solve Marketing-Related Problems and Increase the Return on Investment in Campaigns

The best way to teach is through examples and practical experiences. Make sure you have those planned for your team. Case studies, discussions and practical exercises will not only help you teach your team the right way to use data in marketing, but will also get their minds thinking in the right direction and keep them engaged. Do your research beforehand and come up with some fun and engaging practical exercises to teach your teammates how to use data correctly and to show them how to study the data before making any decisions.

Weekly or Monthly Discussions to Celebrate Wins

A great way to keep your team motivated and push them to learn more is by appreciation. So, make sure you have weekly or monthly meetings to celebrate the wins. Ask your teammates to come forward with various ways they have used data effectively in their campaigns. Make sure they explain their thought processes behind the analysis of the data and how they put that knowledge to practical use in as much detail as possible. This will make them feel seen and heard and motivate them to do better on their campaigns. You can also introduce the concept of ‘Marketer of the Month’ to keep them motivated to learn and develop their skills further.

Ask Them for Feedback

Make sure to ask your team for feedback on the sessions you carry out so that you can use that data to tailor your future communications to be more effective. You can do so with the help of a survey form or by asking them directly at the end of the session.

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