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Back to Basics – Quality over Quantity in Marketing

In the world of digital marketing, quality trumps quantity every time. With the amount of content circulating on the internet, in order to stand out and leave your mark, quality needs to be your biggest goal. According to data revealed, an average consumer sees as many as 5000 ads daily and out of those, only 12 ads manage to actually engage the consumer. Hence having a quality content that actually helps you engage is more effective for achieving your goals. Here are some tips on creating quality content for your B2B brand:

Understand Your Target Audience Better

The first step to creating quality content that is successful at engaging your target audience is to learn all about them. You can use the power of social listening to understand who is the end consumer of your content or product and dig deeper into their likes, dislikes and habits. Be as detailed as possible and go beyond the basics of statistics and demographics. The better you know your audience, the higher your chances will be of being able to engage your audience. 

Stop Content Bombing 

Sometimes brands think that, by posting continuously, they can grow their social media accounts faster. But that is not the case. Quantity is not the right way to go about it if the content quality is at stake. Besides that, by content bombing, you also risk annoying your audience. The only time you could content bomb is when you have a limited time offer, or something else that could be of value to your ideal customer. But even if you are using this tactic to drive your message home on certain occasions, make sure your content is creative and each asset talks about different aspects that will help convince your audience to follow your call to action. 

Create Reliable Content

Reliability is one of the most important things to keep in mind while creating quality content. In order to build a relationship with your target audience, all the content you put out on your business platforms needs to be extremely reliable. Data reveals that out of all marketers, only 30 per cent believe their programs are effective, and only 32 per cent possess a defined content strategy. The 32 per cent with a defined content strategy are 60 per cent more likely to be successful than everyone else.

Be Consistent

While quality is important, brands also need to be consistent with their content. Whether it’s a few times a week or once a week, brands need to show up and talk to their audience in a consistent manner. Set a schedule and make sure you show up with quality content for your audience on those days of the week. Showing up consistently helps you build a strong relationship with your audience and helps you increase your brand reach and visibility. 

Tips for Creating Quality Content

Here are some tips for creating quality content for your B2B brand:

  • Make sure your content adds value to your target audience
  • Have a clear content strategy and plan ahead in time 
  • Make sure to use infographics and videos that are educational and engaging
  • Make your content concise and to the point so that your audience realises that you value their time.

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