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In the post-pandemic world, social media is more important for B2B businesses than ever before. The industry has gone through an accelerated digital transformation in the past two years and it looks like it is here to stay. Data released by Salesforce in their ‘State of Marketing’ report showed that social media, digital content and digital ads were the top three priorities of marketers currently. With more Gen Z entering the workforce, a digital-first strategy will be essential for the success of any B2B brand.

As we move towards a new year, here are some of the top B2B marketing trends that you need to look out for in the upcoming year:

Data-Driven Marketing

Data-driven marketing is known to be highly effective and with the rising costs, marketing teams will adopt a data-driven marketing approach to improve the return on investment. These practices include using customer information to predict their needs, future behaviour and desires and using these insights to personalise marketing strategies.

By implementing the principles of data-driven marketing, B2B marketers will be able to improve lead generation and overall conversion rates.

Storytelling and Humanisation

The traditional ways of B2B marketing are evolving and adapting to the digital world. In 2023, we expect to see more humanisation and storytelling in B2B marketing, as this is key for building connections.

From humanised emails to personal employee journeys on social media, brands will showcase their authentic and human side to connect with their audience effectively.

Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Agenda

With the growing demand for corporate social responsibility from consumers, the ESG agenda will be important for most B2B brands. B2B brands will have a clear and transparent strategy to communicate ESG information to clients, investors and employees and they will use social media to do so.

According to data released from the PwC’s 2021 Consumer Intelligencer Survey, it was found that consumers and employees expect companies to proactively set ESG best practices. 86% of employees also said that they prefer to work for companies with which their interests and values align whereas 83% of consumers said that companies should be actively shaping ESG best practices. This data highlights how communicating ESG information in the right manner can help brands build connections with their customers and gain their loyalty.

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Diversity and Inclusion

D&I is an important aspect that B2B marketers will leverage in the upcoming year. According to data released from a Deloitte survey of 11,500 global consumers, the youngest respondents from 18 to 25 years old took greater notice of inclusive advertising while making a purchase decision. It also revealed that 57% of consumers are more loyal to brands that commit to addressing social inequities in their actions.

In order to gain loyalty and customers, brands will choose to showcase their workplace diversity through their marketing efforts in 2023.

Outsourcing Digital Marketing

The other major trend we see in B2B marketing is the outsourcing of digital marketing to agencies, especially content creation and social media management. With more and more B2B businesses realising the value of social media and digital marketing for lead generation and brand building, they will need all the help with getting started and being consistent and for this, they will turn to agencies.

B2B marketing agencies also provide detailed reports on campaigns that give insights into what is working for the brand. Their expertise in the field of marketing will also help B2B brands grow their digital presence rapidly and achieve their goals. Seeing the value a digital agency can provide will ensure a rise in the outsourcing of digital marketing in 2023.

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