Good Content Wins in The Age of Privacy

The latest iOS update by Apple is out and it finally implements the advertising tracking changes that have been in the pipeline for almost a year now. According to the changes implemented, all businesses will now be required to request permission to access their unique identifier for advertisers (IDFA). Earlier, this information was available to everyone without having to request information individually. But with 80% of users expected to withhold permission, this could pose a challenge to marketers.

Without access to relevant information, advertisers will find it difficult to learn about their shopper’s behaviour and as a result will not be able to target digital ads to the right audience. This could lead to lower ROI on digital ads. So it is more important now for businesses to gain the trust of their target audience and convince them to allow access to their unique identifier for advertisers’ data.

So for businesses looking for ways to gain the trust of their target audience and get access to their IDFA, here is the kind of content you should be creating to leave an impact:

Create Content That Promotes Transparency

A study by Accenture revealed that 51% of customers felt that invasive ads are on the rise. Brands that maintain transparency and communicate it through their content will gain the trust of their target audience. In this case, bold and authentic relationship marketing, led by quality content should be the step forward. Brands who are successful in establishing this connection with their target audience will find it easier to get consent from them. Additionally, brands could also look at incentivising customers to share their data by offering some value in exchange for their permission.

Keep Your Audience Engaged

Brands that want to be successful need to make sure they use various digital platforms to create engaging content. This can be effortlessly accomplished by creating fun quizzes, challenges, email learning series and contests relevant to the brand offering. These forms of content are known to engage the audience while creating a fun and value-adding experience for the target audience. Audiences that are engaged are more likely to be loyal to the brand and may opt in to share their data so that the brand can use it to create a better experience for them.

Humanise Your Marketing Strategy

Humanising your marketing strategy is essential for building trust and gaining the confidence of your target audience. Customers want to know that they are communicating with other humans like them. So make sure you use language that is relatable and simple and show your audience that there are people, just like them, running the brand behind the scenes. B2C brands have effectively switched to the humanisation strategy and now B2B brands are following their lead. If you want to learn more about humanising your B2B brand check out our post on the subject here ( book a one-on-one consultation call for personalising your strategy here

Communicate What Brand promise

The best way to show your audience what your brand stands for is by creating a personality for your brand and using various platforms to highlight your top brand qualities. What human qualities would you associate with your brand? Sincerity, excitement, competence, sophistication and ruggedness are the five common types of brand personality. Select one or two based on what would appeal the most to your ideal target audience and accordingly set the tone for all your future brand communication.

Creating your brand personality not only makes your brand more relatable to your target audience, but it also gives them an idea on what to expect when dealing with your brand.

“ A simple change such as incorporating an interactive piece of creative content in your ad strategy can improve ad engagement by over 90%.”