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How can B2B companies use interactive content?

Interactive content has proved to be extremely effective for increasing engagement and brand loyalty, and the amount of data captured by companies. It facilitates two-way conversations, making the target audience feel more involved with the brand at every stage. According to stats by SnapApp, 45% of B2B buyers say that interactive content is among their top three preferred content types, and 51% say that it is helpful while tackling business challenges. Additionally, a study by DemandGen also found that interactive content gains double the engagement as compared with static content. So now that we understand how important interactive content for B2B businesses is let’s look at the various kinds of interactive content that B2B businesses can create to engage and educate their new and loyal customers.

Types of Interactive Content 

There are various kinds of interactive content that can be created to maximise engagement with B2B customers. They are as follows:

Interactive Infographics

Infographics have always been an effective content format to engage B2B customers, but having interactive infographics can help increase the reach and engagement of such posts while highlighting relevant data. Use such interactive infographics to bring your content to life while highlighting relevant industry data can be pivotal in educating and engaging your target audience.

Engaging Quizzes

Creating quizzes and surveys relevant to your industry can be a fun way to engage your target audience. Such quizzes make for shareable content that can help increase the organic reach of the content. They can also be used to get data from potential customers and get them to sign up for your company newsletter.


Videos are known for higher engagement and can be effective content formats to increase engagement with B2B clients. Both short and long format videos aimed at your target audience can be informative and educational for them and lead to an increase in brand loyalty.

Ebooks and Whitepapers

Ebooks and Whitepapers make great downloadable interactive content that can help showcase your company as an industry leader and educate your target customers about your industry and your products. Getting them to download your ebooks and whitepapers can also help you build your email list so you can send them weekly or monthly newsletters to keep them updated with your products and offerings.

Email Series

Companies can create email learning series or challenges to engage and educate their target audience. Creating such an email series can be extremely beneficial for growing your email lists and establishing your company as an industry leader. Creating an ongoing conversation with your target audience can lead to an increase in sales and higher engagement in the long run.

Surveys and Polls

Creating surveys and polls to understand your customer’s expectations and get their opinions on the various offerings and solutions your company offers is a great way to get your customers involved in your process and will increase brand loyalty. Asking for their opinion and implementing some of their suggestions makes them feel more involved in the brand and can increase brand loyalty in the long run.


A customised calculator can help your customer easily calculate the profits from using your solution, automatically highlighting the benefits of using your product. These are extremely successful and can help increase customer interaction greatly.

Benefits of Interactive Content 

Builds Brand Loyalty

Creating engaging and interactive content gets your audience involved in your brand journey and makes them a part of your story. They feel more involved with the brand and are more likely to buy and continue buying from your brand. The shared experience created through quizzes, ebooks, whitepapers, challenges, email series and interactive videos and infographics will ultimately create a deeper loyalty to your brand.

Increases Engagement Rates

Interactive content typically sees a higher engagement rate as this kind of content gets the audience to interact with it in some way or the other. This initiates a two-way conversation that promotes higher engagement rates for the company.

Facilitates Data Capture

Interactive content like polls and surveys can help companies collect more data from their target audience and use it to create more content and personalise future marketing campaigns. It can also help companies to get their target audience to sign up for their newsletters and to get them onto their mailing list.