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The State of B2B Social Media and Content Marketing in 2021

Social media and content marketing are constantly evolving and changing to adapt to the latest trends in the market. But the basis of an effective marketing strategy remains the same, i.e., understanding your target audience. Be it B2B or B2C customers, understanding your ideal customers’ needs is essential to plan the content and social media strategy to reach them effectively. According to the analysis of 200 B2B Brands’ social activity, there are over 31 million mentions per year, one post every second and 5,299,383 mentions recorded. B2B brands are increasingly recognising the importance of social presence and 76% of B2B brands are active on at least one social media platform. Statistics show that 73% of B2B businesses are present on Twitter, 13% on Facebook, whereas other platforms used include news, blogs, forums, videos, etc.

For brands looking to leverage the power of social media to leave a lasting impression on their ideal customers, it is important to create the right social media and content strategy. Here are some tips on how to build the right strategy for your audience:

B2B Social Media Plans Need to Match Customer Journey 

The buying journey of a B2B customer is a long one that starts with research and ends with renewal. Brands that use social media to match the customer journey can help them along their decision-making process. So, make sure that your communication strategy informs, educates and influences the customer to make the right decision.

Retain Customer Attention Along the Journey

Engaged customers are more likely to buy from the brand, and that is something that must be considered while deciding on the communication strategy for social media and other digital platforms. Engaged customers also result in repeat customers who are loyal to the company. Studies show that the average renewal time of a customer is 6¼ months. This must be factored in while deciding on the social media strategy.

Use Social Proof Effectively in Your Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy should highlight positive conversations and reviews from customers as this can help convince potential customers. Companies have been using case studies to showcase their expertise, but leveraging social media platforms to drive in the message can be an extremely effective marketing strategy for companies.

Focus on Starting Conversations and Building a Community

Building and growing an online community leads to engaged and loyal customers who not only grow to trust the brand but also recommend it to their colleagues. Earlier, these conversations took place in meetings, but after the pandemic, having these conversations on digital platforms is an appealing way to promote community and conversations.

Buyers are Investing in an Outcome, Not a Product

Understanding customer needs is essential when planning the social media and content strategy, and one need of B2B buyers is the overall buying experience, not just the product. The strategy should highlight the different before- and after-sales support available for customers.

B2B Myths 

There are various myths related to B2B marketing. Let’s break down two of the most common myths and see how your brand can benefit from the new era of business marketing:

B2B Marketing is Traditional and Boring

B2B marketing has taken a traditional approach, but over the last few years, things have changed immensely. More and more businesses are moving to digital tools to promote themselves and their services and are open to using innovative ways to promote their businesses.

B2B Marketing Doesn’t Relate to Real People & Their Stories.

B2B marketing has been about a straightforward communication strategy, but with time this has changed. B2B marketing now uses innovative techniques to grab the attention of their customers. Using real stories and leveraging the brand story to keep their customers involved is a great strategy that is being used to humanise brands in the B2B sector.