How to find the right Digital Marketing Agency?

Finding the right digital agency can be arduous; trust plays a key factor. The perceived risk is often high, as you can’t judge the quality of the service until you have engaged the agency. Marketing managers often use the following questions (or similar) to arrive at a rational decision that minimises risk.

1.   Has the agency worked in my sector?

2.   Who are their clients?

3.   What case studies can they show me?

4.   How many employees work there?

5.   Is my company too big (or too small) for the agency?

However, this might not be enough. Instead, consider the following when seeking the right marketing agency.

Treat the agency as a colleague or employee

When interviewing an agency, see if you would get along professionally with the person who would be in charge of your account. Are your prospective account manager and your company an excellent cultural fit?

Speak to a client or acquaintance of the agency

Testimonials won’t always paint the entire picture. Ask to speak to a mutual connection about his or her experience.

Knowledge base

Consider choosing someone with an extensive work history in digital marketing rather than in your exact sector, as this will bring a fresh perspective. If you are wary about this suggestion, you might consider asking for the agency for a taster, as it were. For example, at Marketing Essentials Lab we would be pleased to provide a mini content strategy in a proposal to a client. This would include an approach to the client content and five content themes to write about, which would serve as a good indicator.

Specify the scope of work

Marketing managers hate it when their agency says, “That’s not in the scope.” Be sure to specify the scope of the work before engaging an agency.

Get out of jail free

Good agencies allow you to terminate the contract with 30 days’ notice. Check the agency’s terms and conditions. If things don’t work out between you, what are your contractual obligations?

Test drive an on-demand service

Another great way to test an agency is to test drive an on-demand service. On-demand services may include paid or unpaid offerings. Here are two examples.

·   An e-mail course: 10 engaging social media and content ideas to implement.

·   A social media and content workshop.

Read the agency’s content

Reputable digital marketing agencies try to keep their content updated, and their personnel take pride in sharing their knowledge. Read some of the content on their website to gain a further understanding. 

I hope this guide on how to find the right digital marketing agency will help you. Good luck with your search!

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