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B2B Built Environment Content Marketing Trends

Creating the right content for the B2B built environment is essential for engaging with the industry and for companies to showcase their opinions. This helps them to become established as a thought leader in the industry and lets potential clients know they are experts in the field. Having worked with numerous organisations in the Built Environment, here are some trends we see emerging in 2021 that will shape the Built Environment content marketing over the coming years.

Draft Safety Bill

The recently published Draft Safety Bill has been the talk of the industry since its release. With the aim of introducing more transparency in the construction industry, the bill proposes various reforms affecting certain sectors of the industry. Creating content decoding the changes in regulations for your sector, as proposed in the draft safety bill, can be a great way to guide the industry and educate it on the latest standards. 


Sustainability is the key focus of the industry and the government, and talking about new inventions and ways to make the industry more sustainable is always a good way to inspire changes. From creating sustainable designs to using sustainable construction products, there are numerous ways to achieve sustainability goals. Creating content around this topic is extremely beneficial in the current climate. 

Adoption of BIM

The latest technology revolutionising the design side of the industry is BIM, and companies that invest in this technology can help save time and money in the future. There are various advantages for companies that use this technology. In fact, it is compulsory for companies that work on government projects to adopt BIM for their designing. Creating content around this theme can help companies to adopt this technology and help to solve their queries on the same subject. 

Fire Compliance

The fire safety standards for buildings have been getting stricter. Fire compliance is the focus of the industry and buildings failing the fire compliance tests are being valued at zero. Creating content around this theme is the need of the hour to help the industry understand what has to be done in order to be compliant with the latest regulations. 

Golden Thread & Digital 

The latest Draft Safety Bill introduced the concept of the Golden Thread of Information and, since then, the industry has been trying to understand how this can be implemented in current systems in the future. Creating and maintaining a digital thread of updated information throughout the life cycle of a building is necessary, but also seems complicated to achieve. Creating content around this theme can help the industry gain insights into this new concept and help them to understand how this thread can be created and maintained for all future projects. 


While construction has always been a traditional industry, with Covid 19, the pace of digitalisation in the industry has accelerated. Companies are trying to adopt the best methods for digitalisation so that they can continue working and increasing productivity, even during uncertain times. Technologies such as drones, 3D printing and offsite manufacturing are some of the most promising technologies that can be adopted by the industry to help increase productivity. Creating content on these new digitalisation efforts helps the industry stay up to date with the latest tech in the market. 

Modern Methods of Construction 

Modern Methods of Construction are being adopted in the industry as companies realise the benefits of these methods. Standardisation can help companies drastically reduce costs while increasing safety and productivity in the industry. Content around the ever-changing and innovating Modern Methods of Construction is another great theme for content marketing in the B2B built environment niche. 

External Wall Remediation

External wall remediation is a vital necessity as thousands of buildings around the country have been deemed non-compliant with the changes in the external wall system (EWS) regulations for buildings. Decoding the latest EWS regulations and guiding the industry to deal with remediation projects is a great topic to create content around for companies dealing with remediation work. 

Reinventing Construction Post-Covid

The construction industry is going through major changes with the pandemic and the new regulations. Talking about the future of the industry is a good way for companies to establish their expertise in the field and help shape the trends of the future.


The construction industry has an extremely large carbon footprint, and reducing this carbon footprint is essential. Companies can talk about various ways this can be done to help guide the industry towards a green future. 

Channels of Distribution

Companies can employ multiple ways of creatively distributing this content to gain maximum traction and increase return on interest. Here are some ways to do so:

Lunch & Learn CPD Emails 

The Lunch & Learn Email format is a great way of educating and engaging with the industry. Creating an email series with quick insights and actionable tips is a smart way for companies to build their email lists and connect and educate the industry. 


Another way of engaging and challenging your audience is by creating a quiz that helps gauge your target audience’s knowledge on various topics in your niche.


Whitepapers are in-depth reports that help give your audience a clear picture of various important industry matters. It is a great format for companies to display authority and build their brand name in the industry.

Social Media

Using social media to engage and educate your audience is another excellent way for companies to build a loyal following. 


Last but not least is blogs. Blogs can ensure your website has fresh content that is optimised for SEO 

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