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SME Marketing

5 Underrated Marketing Tips to Grow Your SME

Over the years, I have looked at various customer touchpoints, experimented with marketing techniques and come up with a list of underrated marketing tips. These tips/methods are easy to incorporate into your marketing activities.

1.Email Signatures

Email signatures are an essential customer touchpoint. You can easily add value to your email signature by including a promo code, link to a new service or content on your website. Chances are people unsubscribed from your email marketing list; but still engage with your teams through emails whether that be operations, customer services or sales. Some of our clients have seen revenue increase by 9% by amending their email signatures.  

2.Push Notifications

Chrome is the most popular browser out there at the moment. You can easily engage your audiences through push notifications via their browser. Especially if you are on WordPress, you can use a website such as One Signal to add push notifications easily. Once you have push notifications set up, it is best not to overwhelm your customers. Most importantly show them the value in signing up for your push notifications.

3. Remarketing

 How many customers leave your website without completing a purchase or signing up for your new service or abandon their free trial setup. An easy way to engage this audience is through targeted ads on Google and Facebook, dependent on the nature of your business. Setting up remarketing is easy, add a bit of code to your website, set the parameters, and you are good to go. To ensure your advert is truly valuable, add aesthetically pleasing imagery to the advert to grab user’s attention.

4.Welcome Emails

 Chances are when you set up your new website, you added some welcome emails, but these are generic emails. Why not make these valuable by onboarding your customers and showing them the next logical step whether that be to Book Your Holiday, Create a Wishlist, Upgrade to a Free Trial, View a video of the Software. Welcome Emails that are created with intention can help you exponentially grow business from new customers.

5.Direct mail

Mailing doesn’t have to be long-winded or time-consuming. Sending customers a simple postcard or thank you message can be an easy way to grab customers attention. A physical article could also prompt the user to take action. We recommend Stanpp