B2B Social Media Strategy and Content Mastermind

Are you looking to boost your social media and content game? We’ve got you covered with our tailored solution, just for you!

We’re excited to introduce our exclusive workshop, the B2B Social Media Strategy and Content Mastermind, available in London upon request. Our CEO, Dr. Nimrita Bassi, leads this exclusive mastermind session designed to help you clarify your objectives and create a strategic social media and content plan that fits your business. You’ll cover various topics during the session, including:

Defining and Developing Your Social Media and Content Strategy
Aligning your Business Objectives and Channels with Social Media Marketing
Audience Personas
Developing Strategic Campaigns
Creating valuable Content Work Streams
Growth and Engagement Tips & Tricks
Employing Humanisation and Storytelling
Audience Attention
Tools to Support Your Marketing
Paid Campaigns

This is a unique chance to learn from one of the best in the business, obtain personalized answers to your questions, and enhance your team’s knowledge. To register, kindly send in your request by filling out the form below, and then we will collaboratively determine a suitable day and time that accommodates everyone’s availability. The venue will be decided after the date has been set. We are happy to offer a session in your office or host your team at ours.

About Dr Nimrita Bassi

Dr Nimrita S Bassi is the founder and CEO of Marketing Essentials Lab, a B2B marketing agency based in the UK. She started the company over four years ago to bridge the gap between agencies and clients. She does this by providing a service that makes the client feel as if they were a part of, or an extension of, their team rather than an external supplier.

Today, she works with an impressive portfolio of clients from big multinationals like Amazon Business, Kloeckner Metals UK, and Amazon Fashion to startups.