Marketing tipS

We understand setting up a new business can be daunting; creating demand for your new business can be even harder. Our Startup section of the website is designed to help you understand how to create demand for your product/service in the early stages.



As a marketing manager, you want your marketing activities to grow your business exponentially. Over the years, I have looked at various customer touchpoints, experimented with marketing techniques and come up with a list of underrated marketing tips. These tips/methods are easy to incorporate in your marketing activities.

1. Email Signatures: According to Google, 74 trillion emails are sent every day. Let’s face it most businesses engage in email marketing to their database; but often overlook email signatures, a valuable customer touchpoint. Businesses stick to a generic email signature detailing information on contact details, a few links to the business and often social media links. Nonetheless, email signatures is an important customer touchpoint. You can easily add value to your email signature by including a promo code, link to a new service or content on your website. Chances are customers have unsubscribed from your email marketing list; but still engage with your teams through emails whether that be operations, customer services or sales. Some of our clients have seen revenue increase by 9% by amending their email signatures .



So you have a marketing agency or perhaps you have your own marketing department. But, you don't think they are efficient or the focus is unclear or rather on producing pretty pictures. Here are five ways to improve the overall efficiency of your marketing activities

  1. Make your objectives clear: I want to sell more is not a genuine objective, everyone goes into business with the objective of growth. Try specificity for a rewarding relationship between your marketing team and yourself. Offer them the most commercially viable options and objectives. For example, I would like to sell more products in the notebooks range because they have higher margins or a new product that you would like to promote.


10 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

So, let’s consider you’ve launched your new digital store. Now what

If you’d ask an entrepreneur or marketer what’s their matter of interest now, they’d surely say “driving quality traffic”. That’s the usual second priority in any business wish list. However, there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for driving traffic to the site.

As the Digital Marketing expert, Neil Patel, says there are four basic ways that businesses can drive traffic: direct visits, paid campaigns, organic search, and referrals. For brand new websites, not all of those strategies are very realistic.




You have launched your site.Consequently, some of the traffic trickles down the pages. However, as you peep over your Google Analytics, the sales figure isn’t up to your expectations. What could be your hack for this? Trust me! There is one truth: email works. According to Amazon:“The tech executive still has a customer-facing email address at Amazon, because hearing from consumers helps him identify pain points.”The founder and CEO of Amazon—Jeff Bezos, himself pays meticulous observation of the emails and has integrated email marketing in their business model to e-commerce empire worth $780 billion as market capitalisation.