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Social Media is a great way to showcase your business to existing and potential clients. But Social Media; can be quite hard as a business to manage and administer; that's why our Social Media experts can formulate a social media strategy aligned with your business objectives.  We can also agree a content plan ahead of time so you know exactly what is being posted to your Social Media channels throughout the month. That is not all; we also create the copy and graphics inline with your brand.

Social Media Strategy and Plan 

From the start we formulate your social media strategy for you that which is aligned to your business objectives. Thereafter, we create a content plan encompassing all relevant events and services of your business. We share this plan with you ahead of time, so you are always in the loop. That is not all; we also create the copy and graphics inline with your brand before we share on Social Media.  Each month we create a social media calendar relevant to the activities of your business. This way all the key stakeholders are always in the know. 

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Dependent on the nature of your business, we can help you create ads on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. That's not all, we have years of experience, which means that your advertising budget is never wasted testing or on non performing advertising activities. Advertising is a great way to engage new and existing customers.  Additionally, we can implement a retargeting to re-engage your customers.

Social Media Training 

If you want to handle your Social Media in-house; we offer a day's training to get you up to speed with best practice on social media for engagement and conversions. Our training is lead by a researcher who has extensively researched online customer experiences but also has practical experience from business practice. Our Social Media Training is designed to help you get the most of your social media activities going forward as a business.