SEO(SEarch Engine Optimisation) Services

SEO Services Overview

Our SEO Services, are designed to sustain and grow your business in the long-term. All our project begin with an SEO Audit; so we can take a streamlined approach to your search marketing efforts. Our digital marketing experts then carefully carry out a keyword research to determine areas of potential to ensure focus is always on growth. Our aim is to target a range of competitive keywords along with niche keywords. After which we carefully optimise your pages and ensure they score 95+ for a target keyword.

Along with the on-page SEO; we also ensure the technical SEO tasks are carried out; including the submission of sitemaps; inclusion of rel-canonical links; adding of structured data and much more. Where possible; we will promote your website on other channels to ensure you have genuine visitors to the website. 

Our digital marketing experts come from a range of B2B and B2C backgrounds and will always understand client current positioning and data before undertaking a search marketing project.

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Reporting & Communication

That's not all; at the end of the month, we send a report with progress and improvements. The report details a summary of activities performed, website performance from organic channels and summary of actions for the following month.  Our reporting is designed to ensure that you are always in the know.

We will work closely with your key stakeholders to ensure SEO needs are met as the business needs change or develop.


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