Marketing Strategy

Our Marketing Strategy is designed to get your business plan aligned with your marketing activities. We provide a detailed document, which includes personas, competitors, unique value propositions, business objectives followed by marketing channels to target along with actionable campaigns. that help you grow.


Marketing profiel.png

Background: Buyer personas, Value Matrix, Pain pOint Competitive advantages, Competition

At the start of the document we define the background for your marketing activities along with your competitive advantages, buyer personas to target and also define direct and indirect competitors. This helps understand the persons to target through marketing efforts and also key messages that should be promoted through marketing activities.

Marketing Stratgey.png

Marketing Mix and Objectives 

The next step in our strategy is to help you define your marketing objectives and also the marketing mix you should use to target your customers. We outline the strategic importance of each channel and the buyers who can be targeted along with benefits of the channel to your business. Including a clear mix of outbound and inbound marketing strategy


Marketing Campaigns

Finally, we define campaigns to help you with an actionable strategy going forward. The campaigns are specific to your business objectives and we also provide a summary of how to measure effectiveness of each campaign.