The marketing calendar

The marketing calendar is something we offer as standard across all plans at Marketing Essentials Lab. The calendar is sent to the client at the start of each month with a full content schedule for all the activities that will take place that month. Often we find that client's can find it difficult to understand how marketing resource at an agency is being utilised. That is why we formulated the marketing calendar to ensure our clients are always aware of our activities. 

Marketing Schedule.JPG


Years of experience has taught us that most stakeholders struggle with understanding workloads and activities of marketing departments. Taking this onboard we designed the marketing calendar into our plans. 5 days before the start of a month, we send across a plan of marketing activities for the following month. The plan will include detailed activities of all campaigns that are due to go out to your database each month. This also allows you too align other departments such as sales with your marketing activities.


Monthly marketing plan

Through the Marketing Calendar you know what our plan is for your marketing and if you want to add something, you have an opportunity to provide us with your feedback. Please note sometimes activities may move due to approval delays or other corrections. But, it will be carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible. We will be in touch ahead of time so we can ensure your key objectives are considered for each month.

marketing calendar.png

Effective management and communication

As multiple people touch each campaign, everyone knows exactly what the team are working on. This helps prevent any grey area surrounding communication. It also means the Marketing Essential Lab team are accountable for the work that is due to be carried out.