How to Improve Email Marketing Open Rates?


Email Marketing, we all do it and bombard our customers with emails. An average worker receives over a 100 emails per day. So if you are going to spend time and effort on email marketing, you should ensure that it has a high open rate and conversions so you can maximise your return on investment.

Engaging Subject Lines

Try an email subject line that is engaging, so it interests your users to click through. You can also personalise the email subject line to include name of the person or company. Encourage curiosity without being too cryptic.


Only use emojis if they are relevant to your business. Emoji stand out in an inbox, therefore draw the user's attention to your email.


ENGaging COntent

If your content is engaging and contains useful information, customers are likely to open your emails. Most importantly have an objective in mind for your email. Send a variety of content to ensure your audience is engaged.


Measure everything you send. Use trackable links and dedicated email marketing phone numbers. If you measure your campaigns, you can build on your successes and drop the non performing campaigns.



Segmenting your list can help improve not only open rates but also help you re-engage your non-active users.

Design Mobile First

29% emails are read on an iPhone. Subject lines that are too long can be cut off on mobiles. Texts within the email also needs to be legible.