Email MArketing STrategy and plans

Our Email Marketing Strategy is designed to take into account your customer persona, customer value matrix, unique selling points and business objectives to deliver an email marketing strategy. Email Marketing is a great way to get additional business from existing clientele. We can help you segment your data and truly deliver value through targeted campaigns. We offer a range of marketing services to suit the requirements of every business. We offer a range of monthly email plans to suit every business. For Optimal Email Open Rates, we recommend 1-3 emails per week across segmented lists for B2C/B2B clients. Send customers email marketing with purpose and truly generate valuable conversions through your marketing efforts.

We also offer marketing automation through CRM and Mailchimp.

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Product And Service Promotion 

We can help you devise a email marketing plan to promote your products and services. Whether it be a special promotion, or the launch of a new product; our email marketing services will ensure your customers are actively converting through email marketing.


Design and Broadcast 

After the plan for each month is devised, We will design and write the copy for each email. After which, we will broadcast the email to your customer list at an optimal time. We can A/B test different subject lines, images and much more to provide the optimal email marketing solution.

We can also create automated work flows and series to onboard new clients, re-engage inactive customers and engage clients through stories/educational series.

Email Marketing Services

Reporting on email marketing Performance 

At the end of the month, we will report on the performance of email marketing campaigns along with open rates, click through rates, conversions and website traffic etc. We will also build on successful campaigns each month.

We will also include metrics such as Cost Per Acquisition.

Our reports also make suggestions and recommendations for the upcoming month. We can tailor reporting requirement to suit your marketing plan.