ecommerce Strategy

Running an ecommerce store can be a daunting process, there an array of factors that can lead to sales in the online environment. A mixture of pricing, consumer motivation, user experience all can play a defining role in how well your website performs from a conversion perspective. We can create a structured ecommerce strategy to improve overall conversions on your website from both new and returning customers.

eCommerce Strategy

Customer Profiling and Market Research

We take a step by step approach understanding your current customer profile, website data and carrying out our own market research to under customer journey, touchpoint, decision making journey and customer emotions. We will typically take a sample of your customer profile and understand the website features that will help improve conversions. The findings of these will be detailed in the ecommerce strategy we produce for your company.

We use emotion maps, online blueprints, focus groups and surveys to ensure the findings are reliable

Cause and effect analysis

Using market data we collect, we will carry out a cause and effect analysis using methods such as structural equation modelling, regression analysis to make recommendations on features that will help improve loyalty, conversions and customer satisfaction as part of the ecommerce strategy

eCommerce Strategy


Detailed Ecommerce Report and strategy

After the analysis is complete, we provide a detailed report encompassing

  • Checkout Improvements

  • Website Improvements

  • Customer Experience Strategy

  • Quick Wins

  • Long Term Strategy

  • Loyalty Scheme

  • Customer Retention Strategy and Customer Re-engagement Strategy