Content Marketing: 17 statistics worth knowing

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Often when we hear about Content Marketing, a heavy jargon is thrown at us, such as SEO, keyword, analysis, density, and what not. Content Marketing as a ground of innovation interests us but intimidates us as well. But that shouldn’t be the case, isn’t it? Content is a creative space, which should indulge our minds to free our hearts, and make us happy at the end of it all. So how do we break the ice here? By looking at the greater and funnier aspects of an industry so large, and the scale of which is ever-increasing.

So, to familiarise you even more with content, let’s put on the plate some interesting facts and anecdotes for you, the ones that will truly make you gape.



  1. B2B marketers, the most successful ones, mind you, admit to spending nearly 40 per cent of their budget on content marketing. (Content Marketing Institute, 2017)

  2. Nearly 63 per cent of content marketers say that their preference lies in the challenge of generating leads and traffic (HubSpot, May 2017)

  3. On a survey covering 1200 digital marketers, nearly 48 per cent of them admitted that tapping SEO is the most-effective strategy to making their content more conducive to the market (Advanced Web Ranking, SEO Stats Reports, 2017)

  4. Want to know about the percentage pf content users who prefer content on the internet over traditional adverts? A whopping 70 per cent. (MDG Advertising)

  5. Nearly 75 per cent of people who find useful information from the internet, visit their local physical stores. (Google, 2017)

  6. 47 per cent of B2B marketers admit to outsourcing their content needs (Izea, 2018 Content Marketing Statistics)

  7. Blogging is considered the most essential part of content strategy by nearly 45 per cent of the content marketers. (Snap App) 

  8. Costing 62 per cent less than traditional ways of marketing and making a revenue which is triple of those, content marketing rules the roost. (DemandMetric)

  9. Nearly 52 per cent of the buyers made a decision to purchase, basis the content in front of them, without having to consult a salesperson. (CEB Global)

  10. LinkedIn is 82 per cent more effective in engaging B2B audiences. (LinkedIn Technology Marketing Community)

  11. A lot rides on the type of content that you are creating. For instance, it is a proven fact that a content which is interactive is prone to create double the conversions as compared to a content that is passive. (Kapost)

  12. 30 per cent of all digital revenue is contributed via Email marketing. (DMA)

  13. Nearly 47 per cent lead-generation tactics come from social media, followed by email (46 per cent), video (39 per cent), and SEO (38 per cent). (Ascend2, 2018)

  14. Curate a crackling email marketing strategy, and for every pound that you spend, you can get a return of 32 pounds on that. (DMA)

  15. The best search engine that there is? Google. 90 per cent of the traffic that comes from tablets and cell phones comes from it. (Business Insider)

  16. If you thought that influencers are just pretty people with petty thoughts and glittery exteriors, think again. You may just want to engage in some fruitful conversation. Research suggests than nearly 40 per cent of the Twitter users end up buying something as a direct result to an influencer’s tweet. (Forbes) 

  17. Cinema halls and televisions are passé now, with the advent of content-rich OTT platforms. And with their dedicated content marketing strategies, they are surely succeeding. Nearly 42 per cent of adults in the UK now prefer online streaming services for movies over other modes of doing the same. That’s some checkmate. (Media Nations 2019)

Astounding, empowering, enriching; while creating content is all of that, marketing it is a hundred times more, for now that you have created something good, you need to market it as the best, which requires a hefty amount of creativity as well.

Hope we have broken the ice and fascinated you enough to indulge into this glorious world of content. Happy creating and marketing



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