5 Ways to Improve Marketing Efficiency

So you have a marketing agency or perhaps you have your own marketing department. But, you don't think they are efficient or the focus is unclear or rather on producing pretty pictures. Here are five ways to improve the overall efficiency of your marketing activities

  1. Make your objectives clear: I want to sell more is not a genuine objective, everyone goes into business with the objective of growth. Try specificity for a rewarding relationship between your marketing team and yourself. Offer them the most commercially viable options and objectives. For example, I would like to sell more products in the notebooks range because they have higher margins or a new product that you would like to promote. Another way to be specific is if you want to increase business from a specific user group say millennials. Provide a clear brief to obtain true value from the marketing effort. Help them by understanding further by understanding the margin % you are willing to offer in promotions.

  2. Customer Perspective: If you are in a customer facing role, chances are customer talk to you and tell you about their likes and dislikes. Or if you have heard customers speak of a specific email or note that was sent to them in the past, let your marketing team know so they can build on the good stuff that your customers see value in. No one is saying to necessarily repeat the same campaign but you can always reinvent the same concept.

  3. Give marketing a priority list and base it on value to the business: Everyone wants to aim for the stars but sometimes resources can be limited. Apply the Pareto principle to your list and focus on priority activities that will generate revenue and provide value to the company. Our research has proven that decorative aspects have the least value from a conversion perspective. That’s why it is best to focus on revenue generating marketing activities.

  4. Don’t make a case the norm: If a customer said something but you have 2000 other customers, don’t assume the expectation is the rule. Ask your marketing to investigate further before acting on the feedback of one customer. Of course, this doesn’t apply if the checkout is not working.

  5. Include them in Sales Meetings: So you may have a sales meeting every week, but you don't really invite a member of the marketing team. Chances are if you started inviting the marketing team they can go back and truly drill down on the data and get a greater insight into your pain points and try and solve them with Marketing.


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Five Most Underrated Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

As a marketing manager, you want your marketing activities to grow your business exponentially. Over the years, I have looked at various customer touchpoints, experimented with marketing techniques and come up with a list of underrated marketing tips. These tips/methods are easy to incorporate in your marketing activities.

1. Email Signatures:

According to Google, 74 trillion emails are sent every day. Let’s face it most businesses engage in email marketing to their database; but often overlook email signatures, a valuable customer touchpoint. Businesses stick to a generic email signature detailing information on contact details, a few links to the business and often social media links. Nonetheless, email signatures is an important customer touchpoint. You can easily add value to your email signature by including a promo code, link to a new service or content on your website. Chances are people unsubscribed from your email marketing list; but still engage with your teams through emails whether that be operations, customer services or sales. Some of our clients have seen revenue increase by 9% by amending their email signatures .  

2.Push Notifications:

Chrome is the most popular browser out there at the moment. You can easily engage your audiences through push notifications via their browser. Especially, if you are on Wordpress you can use a website such as One Signal to easily add push notifications. Once you have push notifications set up, it is best not to overwhelm your customers. Most importantly show them the value in signing up for your push notifications.

3. Remarketing:

How many customers leave your website without completing a purchase or signing up for your new service or abandon their free trial setup. An easy way to engage this audience is through targeted ads on Google and Facebook dependent on the nature of your business. Setting up remarketing is easy, add a bit of code to your website, set the parameters and you are good to go. To ensure your advert is truly valuable, add aesthetically pleaseing imagery to the advert to grab user’s attention.

4. Welcome Emails:

Chances are when you set up your new website, you added some welcome emails but these are generic emails. Why not make these valuable by onboarding your customers and showing them the next logical step whether that be to Book Your Holiday, Create a Wishlist, Upgrade to a Free Trial, View a video of the Software. Welcome Emails that are created with intention can help you exponentially grow business from new customers. Clients of ours have seen a conversion rate of 11% from intentional welcome emails.  

5.Direct mail:

Mailing doesn’t have to be long winded or time-consuming. Sending customers a simple postcard or thank you message can be an easy way to grab customers attention. A physical article could also prompt the user to take action. We recommend Stanpp

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How to Get Your First 5000 Email Subscribers

You have launched your site.

Consequently, some of the traffic trickles down the pages. However, as you peep over your Google Analytics, the sales figure isn’t up to your expectations. What could be your hack for this?

Trust me! There is one truth: email works.

According to Amazon:

“The tech executive still has a customer-facing email address at Amazon, because hearing from consumers helps him identify pain points.”

The founder and CEO of Amazon—Jeff Bezos, himself pays meticulous observation of the emails and has integrated email marketing in their business model to e-commerce empire worth $780 billion as market capitalisation.

That’s the potential of “Email Marketing”. Additionally, the relationship needs to be nurturing.

Now that you know this, but what you don’t know is how you are going to manage to get your first list of subscribers.

Here we give you the tips and tricks for getting started for newbies:

Method 1: Give a freebie

Firstly, you need to divert your attention to creating a few freebies. Take the core topic into consideration, and you could create something informational —e-book, online course or say white paper. Also, don’t forget to give value to your audience.

You could place an opt-in widget for it in the sidebar of my blog to promote the freebie.

The call to action is of prime importance here as the element is responsible for enticing the audience to give their email address in exchange for the valuable freebie. Usually successful sites, often, conduct tests to determine the best converting design.

However, if you are starting from scratch, opt to use a design from someone that had done proper testing. Don’t forget to get permission from the designer for this—copy with permission. 

Method 2: Host A Webinar

Apparently, “Webinars” are the best way to build up the list. The reason being people love to learn interactively, and webinars offer that through videos, chats and more. A perfect way to connect to the audience in a more personalized way.

So, what could be your best idea for webinars?

That could be the case studies. People learn in a more granular way if you could deliver them real-life examples.

For instance, Jon Schumacher, a webinar specialist, was able to make $13,420 from one webinar alone by creating three phases. He also noted he had an attendance rate of about 50%.

Let me show you the three phases:

• During the pre-webinar, Jon sent auto-responders to catch interest. He did so using tools like SmartCam and ActiveCampaign

• Live webinar: This was the standard live webinar. Schumacher included an offer in his webinar and ended the event with a Q&A.

• Post-webinar: Schumacher sent more email autoresponders. He brought in nearly $5,000 from this alone.

Using this business model, you could be more creative in designing the phases according to your business requirement.

Method 3: Generate Lead Magnets

That could be anything that has lots of industry information. Marketing is all about keeping up with the latest trends and fast enough to implement the budding strategies. This work both for the B2B and B2C business. While businesses love to implement the strategy for growth, customers love to hear industry related stories.

The format could range from PDFs to whitepapers.

And, you want to make sure they’d benefit from this resource in some way. Give them the link to the landing page to download the lead magnet (so they will have to opt-in to get it).

Method 4: Create Evergreen Content

Creating evergreen content drags traffic in compounds over time.

However, this is slow, but a more sustainable way to build your email list. It’s going to be a little bit slower than growing your list with a webinar or writing a guest post.

Method 5: Write a round-up featuring experts

This approach is comparatively slow, but you are going to get quality traffic and lists for the email marketing strategy.

How do you get started?

• Make a list of experts say between 20-100. Interview them over the core topic.

• Each of these people will reply and explain what they do and what the benefits are. As a result, these people have an incentive to promote your article.

• The main rule is that people want to endorse what endorse themselves for the product. So, you could insert opportunities for people to opt-in. Something like a content upgrade offer within the article.

Method 6: Use A List Builder tool “SumoMe”:

SumoMe is one of the coolest list builders. Apparently, the usual opt-in the process requires the user to click a link or CTA to initiate the process. However, SumoMe does that implicitly for you by prompting the user to subscribe to the list. 

Method 7: Offer Post Specific Bonuses

The best strategy if you are offering relevant bonuses.

How does this work?

At first, identify a topic that the audience demands. Then hop on to Buzzsumo to research the most popular articles that already cover the topic.

Next, try to write an even better article and feature a bonus and other resources at the beginning and end of that article.

Method 8: Introduce A “Welcome Gate”

The concept of “welcome gate” — a gate shown to the first time visitors, which prompts them to subscribe and access the information on it.

You could install a welcome gate over your root domain.

Method 9: Landing Pages from blog posts

Are you a big fan of Ramit Sethi? Take a look at his innovative strategies for Twitter posts

Taking a close look, you observe —1 out of every 50 or so tweets linked to a landing page with an opt-in form for an eBook or free course that he offers.

Give it a try to this strategy.

Method 10: Sticky Widget

To enumerate, if they read your long posts throughout, and a whitespace trails in the right-hand sidebar, the users are blank.

A combat strategy to this would be to take advantage of the side area, and The sidebar course opt-in works great. In light of the same, including a ’sticky’ widget setup on the sidebar is a good idea, which allows the bottommost widget to ’stick’ in the sidebar when a user scrolls below it.

That’s great.

Now, users have the option to take their time to opt-ins.


All in all, it could take a little time, but if you implement these methods to capture email addresses and drive traffic to your site/blog, you can get your first 500 email subscribers starting today. Also, it takes no time to hop up to the 5000 subscribers list figure with consistency maintenance and creative innovation.

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5 Reasons to Invest in SEO

You have been hearing the word SEO around, but you don’t quite know whether it’s worth the investment.  SEO can be a great way to get new business, generate interest from new customers and also understand the true potential of your business. Not to fret, here are 5 reasons to invest in SEO

1. Sustainable Growth:

SEO can offer sustainable growth to your business, in the long run, ensuring you rank for the keywords that matter most to your customers.  Ranking for the correct keywords can secure an increased reach for your products.

2. Potential Demand:

As a new business or an existing business, SEO is a great way to understand the potential online demand for your products.  Say you are making Unicorn Mugs in the UK. You want to rank for unicorn mug which is searched for 1700 times each month and unicorn cup which is searched for 850 times. Your product now has a potential demand of  2550. Further, if you have a conversion rate of 5%, you could have 127 customers for the product. An SEO expert can additionally help you rank for both the search terms.

3. Patience is Key:

Now many business owners are still starting up and don’t have patience, SEO takes time but the benefits are better than any other instant marketing channel as it isn’t as resource heavy. Allow up to three months to see true benefits.

4. If you are a local business,

SEO can also help you increase footfall to your physical locations ensuring you get regular business from customers in your vicinity. Especially as people will google the service they need and find local results at the top.

5. Technical SEO:

SEO is not simply about dumping a bunch of keywords on to a page. There is structured data, page speeds, sitemaps and so much more than can help you acquire a key position on Search Engines. Thus, affording you a stronger technical position.

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How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

So, let’s consider you’ve launched your new digital store. Now what

If you’d ask an entrepreneur or marketer what’s their matter of interest now, they’d surely say “driving quality traffic”. That’s the usual second priority in any business wish list. However, there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for driving traffic to the site.

As the Digital Marketing expert, Neil Patel, says there are four basic ways that businesses can drive traffic: direct visits, paid campaigns, organic search, and referrals. For brand new websites, not all of those strategies are very realistic.

There are numerous mysterious ways to get traffic of potential customers to the site. Accordingly, you want to be well equipped and resourceful enough to explore the ways creatively. Therefore, to cater to the market needs, we’ve created this comprehensive guide to boost your traffic.

The highlight of this comprehensive guide is that it includes the time duration and efforts required to implement each strategy.

1.   Start with “Optimising the search engine”

The first stage of ranking a website or getting quality traffic is devising an incredible keyword strategy plan. There’s much that goes with the entire SEO plan, but here are a few points that you don’t want to ignore. 

  • Create a list of target keywords relevant to your business.

  • Learn competitor strategies. There’s a tool called “UberSuggest” that comes to the aid at understanding competitors. To enumerate, collect the bunch of competitor URLs and start analysing them in the tool. You might want to take a note of their sources of traffic also.

  • Give your content a clear and keyword enriched title tag.

  • Be more descriptive while writing the meta description to entice the visitors. Moreover, these rich snippets hold prime importance to introduce the topic.

  • Use relevant alt-tags for the images in the content.

 Moreover, it is a best practice to keep optimising the website for  SEO timely. Finally, this is an on-going procedure and requires effort to drive quality traffic.

2.   Include LSI keywords to your Keyword Sheet

The Latent index keyword—the long tail keyword mainly reflects the user intent. To put it differently, these are the highly specific keywords which have low search volumes. Although the search volume is low, if you’re to decode the intent of the visitors and include the keyword relevantly in the content strategy, then there are chances you might be able to get good conversions.

Moreover, if you choose to have a more descriptive and targeted keyword, then you’re likely to face less competition. Again this method is an on-going one and requires a lot of research and high efforts.

Here’s an example:

Think about the words and phrases you could use to rank, to add up, your site. For example, if your business is about a sports-car dealership, you might think of words like “sports-cars”.

And while it would be great if all users who searched “sports-cars” were directed to your site, it’s not that easy when there are thousands of competitors about cars.

In that case, you might want to go for LSI keyword like “ used sports-cars dealership.”

Although the search volume for this phrase is less than “sports-cars,” think about the intent of the searchers.People searching for “sports-cars” could be looking for various things—photos, forums, —but people searching for “used sports-car dealership” are more likely looking to buy a car. 

3.   Format the  ever-green and engaging content

Generally speaking, incorporating ever-green along with time-sensitive content brings passive traffic for months, even years, after publication. 

In particular, evergreen content remains relevant regardless of when they were published. For instance, take the case of this post—“How to drive traffic to your website”. 

Could you guess the demand graph of this category? It’s evergreen and always required through the journey of an entrepreneur or a marketer.

By contrast, time-sensitive content holds the potential of getting the most engagement and go viral.

Of course, there’s no guarantee as to what kind of post achieves virality, but done successfully, it can lead to a massive timely traffic spike. Moreover, throughout the content strategy, you should consider sticking to a specific style guide.

Here are some ideas for developing viral content :

  • The trending topics

  • Is there an unusual or controversial stance you want to take on a subject?

  • Do you have access to any news or hidden information?

  • Do you have any unexplored tips to share?

Moreover, to devise an effective content strategy, the efforts should be high within a time frame of 2 weeks—writing, editing, styling, and inclusion of other visuals like videos, pictures or infographics.

 4.   Use Backlinking  for outreach

Furthermore, this is one of the best strategies for gaining organic traffic."Backlinks" means sites that link to your site. Moreover, the sites linking should have a high authoritative factor to make Google count you high in its rankings.

There are numerous strategies. However, two of the best strategies includes guest blogging, building internal links and incorporating the broken link building method.

Moreover, the efforts could vary from low to moderate, and the timeshare depends on the media outlet.

5.  Employ Email Marketing and Personalise

There’s this another way of using personalization and augmenting the website traffic. The  numerous way, such as:

·      Welcome new subscribers

·      Inform customers of new products and industry updates

·      Announce promotional deals

·      Provide informative and educational matters

One of the most effective methods in inbound methodology, email marketing could easily entice the audience to check out and explore your website further. You could try Mailchimp or LeadPages for bulk sent. The time investment, as well as efforts to be put, are considerable—more specifically less than a month.

 6.   Includes Social Media Marketing  for socialisation

At the same time, social media could make a major shareholder for driving traffic to the website. To start engaging users, try the following:

  • Post the trending topics on social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and other social channels. Don’t forget to add some personality, which helps to shape your brand voice and attract new customers.

  • Engage with the followers by replying to their comments or asking for their opinions

  • Share blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social channels. A post which vibrates with readers does well, resulting in more user shares and thus, more views.  Also, add social sharing buttons to each of your posts to promote shareability.

  • Include trending hashtags to make your content —it might even go viral.

Remember, creating a social media presence is a lengthy task and requires efforts in considerable time

7.   Post on forums “Quora and Reddit”

There are various hubs for news, knowledge, and networking. Of them, Quora and Reddit are way so prominent. To begin with,  Reddit provides enormous opportunity to drag traffic—provided that you advertise cautiously, of course—avoiding over promotion. All you have to do is identify a relevant sub-reddits and submit links.

In contrast, Quora is a complete knowledge base. You choose relevant questions for your brand and add an answer with a link back to your site appropriately. On average,  the efforts vary from moderate to low or high.

8.   Collaborate with Influencers

Specifically, one of the best tactics if you have an information product. In that case, partnering with influencers can help benefit your website’s exposure as well as lend you some social credibility. Moreover, the good news is the collaboration isn’t limited to approaching only celebrities, but “micro-influencers” are also a cost-effective way to reach out to others.

Finally, the time and efforts required vary with the second parties involved.

9.   Host Giveaways or Contests

One of the most engaging way to gain more traffic on the website while simultaneously augmenting customer engagement by hosting giveaways and contests. However, make a note that the giveaway should be valuable to the audience, and it should also be easily recoverable in terms of cost. In addition, you might want to ask the interested participants to share your post or tag a friend.

Above all, you want to put huge effort for a considerable frame of time to create the giveaways and contest hosting.

10.   Invest in Sponsored Content and Advertising

Concurrently, this is for budget holders. You get the opportunity to share your brand with another website’s audience through a sponsored post. Likewise, for immediate results in, you could pay for digital advertising.

That includes strategies like pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. To enumerate, PPC is a form of advertising where advertisers bid and pay for ad placement in a search engine’s page results. They then pay a fee each time someone clicks on their ad.

Moreover, the effort is way too low for this, and you could get the result within a month.

Parting Notes

Above all, one of the most important things to remember is that getting traffic is not all that matters, but the quality of your traffic is the real game changer.

For instance, you could have millions of visitors, but if none match your target audience, you likely to experience zero conversions.

Keeping that in mind, make sure you choose traffic strategies that align with the demographic desire you’re aiming to target.

In this way, you’re likely to see good returns in terms of conversions.